Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family Date Night

I just HAD to put these pictures up today! Last night we went on a family date night – oh how times have changed! :) The weather was a bit cooler last night so Cori and I wore our cardigans! Dave calls them our “Party Cadi’s” .. haha, so funny!

After dinner at Chili’s (Dave and I’s staple date night destination!) we headed to D’lites for ice cream. I LOVE D’lites and apparently Cori Belle does too! :)

As we were checking out with our ice cream, the cashier said they give away baby cones to kids and asked if we wanted one. How could we pass that up?!? She LOVED her baby cone!













Hope everyone’s Friday night was as enjoyable as ours! :)

Until next time…

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Matt and Christen said...

How fun! Love the ice cream lipstick!