Monday, October 11, 2010

Tiny Tot School

I can’t believe it’s Monday again and time for another Tiny Tot School post. Where does the week go?!?!

~CB is currently 9.5 months old~


I didn’t take too many pictures this week. Imagine that?!? I know, it’s hard to imagine me not taking pictures. I did indeed take pictures of my little girl (as always), but I didn’t take many of our tot school time.

CB played with most all of her Tot School toys this week, but spent quite a bit of time playing with one of her stackers. There is nothing to actually stack the stackers on, but themselves, which makes for some difficult staking! CB had fun taking the stackers apart and throwing them around the room. Appropriate for her age, none the less! :)

Cori my love 074 photoshop

Cori my love 070 photoshop














Cori my love 077 photoshop


Cori my love 083 photoshop

Cori my love 075 photoshop   












One of the cooler things about this stacker is that all the stackers can be put together into balls. CB REALLY liked this!!

Cori my love 088 photoshop

Cori my love 089 photoshop














Cori my love 096 photoshop


Cori my love 100 photoshop

Cori my love 099 photoshop  












To top off our week, we spent some time talking about pumpkins! She seemed so interested. We are planning to head to the pumpkin patch tomorrow for some more pumpkin fun! Can’t wait!!

Cori my love 104 photoshop


Charon Benton said...

We did the pumpkin patch last night. Boys had a good time! CB is adorable, as always, in her little dress and playing tiny tot school!!!!

Cassie said...

I am wanting to start doing tiny tot school with my little girl so looked for someone close to the same age on the linky list on her website. Do you have a set time limit that you do the actual "tiny tot school" during the day? With your tot so young do you have things that you plan our each week, or do you kind of go with the flow? I also love those stackers, where did you get them? Hope you don't mind me asking so many questions. If its easier you can e-mail me instead of leave a comment... Thanks!!