Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tiny Tot School

~CB is currently (almost) 10 months old~



~Learning Toys~

As promised, here is CB reading her pumpkin book. An all time favorite at our house! We even did some text-self/world interactions as we studied a real pumpkin while reading! Doesn't our pumpkin look just like the one in the book?!? :)

Cori Cori 013

Cori Cori 018













We played some with these rubber blocks from Target – my favorite blocks! I think Cori would agree too! We had so much fun stacking them up and tearing them down! She was quite particular in how she knocked the blocks down though. She would always take the top block off individually, and then pull the rest of them towards her, making sure to keep them together. Only then, would she begin to mess them up! :)

Cori Cori 023

Cori Cori 024














Cori Cori 025

Cori Cori 028













CB got a new learning toy this week – her own shopping cart to help her walk on her own! She LOVES to practice walking, but only if she is holding your hand. Now, she can practice on her own and she is SO excited about it!! She pushes that cart everywhere. Now, if I could just teach her how to turn it around on her own! She pushes it into the wall/furniture and isn’t sure what to do so she just crawls away.

Cori Cori 059

Cori Cori 062













And of course, no week would be complete without some more BOOKS! This girl is a book fanatic! I love it! This is what I found when I went to check on her in her room the other day… She pulled almost EVERY book off her book shelf!

Cori Cori 070


Here she is spending some time reading with her daddy. He was reading her one of her new favorite books, Shake a Leg. It’s a Sesame Street book. Each page has a new move to practice.. shake a leg, wiggle your fingers, waggle your toes, etc… In the picture to the right she was making a muscle! :)

Cori Cori 068

Cori Cori 069














~Life (FUN) School~

We have a drum in our living room and CB has recently discovered it. When she first realized that it made sounds when she hit it, she was mesmerized! Now, she plays it ALL the time!! :)

Cori Cori 072


She also learned to sign, “thank you.” Oh, how we LOVE our baby sign language.

~Mom’s Favorite~

CB doing yoga with her dad…

Cori Cori 076

Cori Cori 077















And, my sweet bath girl!!

CB first tantrum 080


Our Family said...

Oh, how that sweet girl reminds me of our little Annabella- she loves walking with her "stroller" & also enjoys pulling all the books off the shelf! :)

Stephanie said...

AWWWWW so CUTE! Maybe Cori will encourage her buddy Willie to sign please and thankyou all I can get out of him is MORE!

Charon Benton said...

such a sweet little girl!!