Friday, October 15, 2010

Homecoming Parades and Pumpkin Parties .. oh my!

CB and I had so much fun today! When you live in a college town, there’s always something going on at the university. This weekend is UF Homecoming and it always begins with a parade on Friday. My friend, Stephanie, and I decided it would be fun to take our kiddos to the parade so this morning at 11:00, we loaded up the kids, grabbed some lunch at Chick-fil-a, found a place to park near campus, and headed to the start of the parade.

Here are the kiddos in their matching strollers, ready to go!

When we got to the beginning of the parade, Albert and Alberta were sitting in their car, waiting to start. Us mommas thought it would be a great idea to push our strollers out into the road, turn them around, run back to the curb, and snap a quick photo of the kids with those Gator celebrities. HA! As soon as we began heading back to the curb, Albert and Alberta began driving away and Cori’s stroller began rolling down the hill. It sure was a sight to see! Check out the pic below! :)

Cori is looking back at Willie wondering why she is rolling away! HA!

We finally found a good spot on the curb in the shade to watch. We sat CB and Willie down and began snapping photos (like all mom’s do, right?!?) The photo’s from the back looked so cute as they watched the Gator Marching Band go by.

However, as soon as I walked to the front of them, this is what I saw…

My heart melted. Her sad face is just that – SAD! My precious angel did NOT like the sound of all that LOUD band music (at first anyway!). After a few sweet words spoken by yours truly, she was reassured that all was okay. 


After that, she was ALL ABOUT that parade! I even had to chase after her a few times as she tried to run down a few floats! HA! :) Here she is clapping to the Gator fight song and enjoying some orange and blue beads! GO GATORS!













Here is a picture of the four of us. It was such a fun morning!

CB passed out on the way home from the parade. She didn’t even move when I carried her from the car to her bed, where she took a seriously LONG nap. Once she was rejuvenated, we took a bath to clean off the filth that was her body from crawling in the street at the parade. You should have seen her sweet white shoes – they are BLACK now! .. Then, we got dressed for Annabelle and Allie Claire’s first annual Pumpkin Party! Cori Belle dressed up as Tinker Bell and she sure was cute!

Here is a picture of her and her daddy before we left. Daddy had a shift in the ER and was unable to make a debut with us. We missed you daddy!! I do love these pictures though! So sweet!!

Cori - pumpkin party 005 photoshop

Cori - pumpkin party 004 photoshop














Upon arriving to the party, Tink would NOT keep her wings on. So, after much deliberation (because they are so cute!!) I decided against the fight. So, here she is with no wings, but still looking good! Maybe we will try the wings again at Halloween. We’ve still got a few more weeks and we can practice wearing them around the house! :)

Cori - pumpkin party 006 photoshop

Annie and Carrie (Annabelle and Allie Claire’s moms) did such a GREAT job decorating for the party. I seriously need to take some notes! :) I didn’t even take that many pictures of all the decorations, but here is the treat table … So CUTE!

Cori - pumpkin party 029

and the goodie bag table … So CUTE! Yes, those are their 2 precious girls wearing matching pumpkin costumes. They were adorable! :)

Cori - pumpkin party 034

Not to mention the activities … fabulous! We played in the corn table…

Cori - pumpkin party 010 photoshop

Cori - pumpkin party 011 photoshop















Cori - pumpkin party 017 photoshop 

Cori - pumpkin party 022 photoshop

Went on a hay ride … This was CB’s first hay ride and she had a blast! We even got to stop and see some buffalo. That is what she is looking at in the picture to the right, but it was too dark for the camera to capture them! She was mesmerized to say the least! I thought she might jump out of the tractor bed right then and there!

Cori - pumpkin party 037 photoshop

Cori - pumpkin party 046 photoshop














Did some pumpkin carving, and smashed a pumpkin piñata. Such a fun time! Thanks for inviting us, Annabelle and Allie Claire! Can’t wait until next year!

Cori - pumpkin party 058 photoshop YAY!!!

P.S. Did I mention that I am IN LOVE with my little girl!?!? Just look at that face!


Stephanie said...

Willie & I had a GREAT time as well!!

Carrie said...

I am laughing so hard over the kids in the street in their strollers and one stroller rolling off! That is SOOO something that would happen to me. Like you, I am the momma who would roll my child out in the street for a good photo-op :) Looks like the kids loved the parade yesterday and who wouldn't, right? We are so glad y'all came to the party last night. We had such a good time and that CB is too sweet for words! (With or without her bow in place)

AMW said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the pics of Willie and Cori at the parade!!! SO Cute! The one of them watching from behind is my fave! I cant believe how big and grown up they look! So precious! We're so glad yall could come to our party last night! We had a great time and cant wait to do it again! :)