Sunday, February 28, 2010


Almost 4 years ago Dave and I started a family tradition - weddings at the Smith house! Casey and Rebecca continued the tradition last March; and last weekend Ryan and Missy tied the knot there as well. It was a beautiful wedding and the weather was perfect considering the Florida FREEZE we have been having lately!

Ryan is the last Smith brother to get married, but also the oldest. (He turns 30 on March 17th!!) To the left is a picture of the whole Smith clan. Now, we are just waiting on Jamie to complete the family with a handsome man! Don't worry Jam, your husband is out there somewhere just dying to meet you! The good Lord is preparing him for this crazy family of yours! :)

Ryan and Missy's wedding was a special one because it's the first wedding celebration with a Smith baby. Little Cori Belle was in attendance and looking cuter than ever! Check her out with her newly married aunt and uncle! I am so excited to think about all the future Smith babies that will be running around with Cori. Now that all the brothers are married, ya'll better get busy! :)

We are so excited to welcome Missy into the family. Ryan & Missy, we know your marriage will be a wonderful one. Keep God in the center and he will keep your relationship strong. We love you two!

Here are some sweet pictures from the wedding...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

What I love about you... 7-8 weeks

Week 7 & 8
  • The terradactyl sounds you make when you are talking to us.
  • Kissing your sweet face!
  • That your tear ducts are starting to work... even though those tears make me so sad!!
  • That you found your thumb for a few seconds the other day. On accident or not, it was so cute! Too bad I couldn't get the camera in time!
  • That you take a bottle from daddy!
  • How smitten your grandparents are with you.

  • Celebrating your GREAT grandmothers 87th birthday with her!
  • That there were 4 generations together on Sunday afternoon.
My grandma, my mom, me, and Cori Belle
  • That you are sleeping through the night! 9/10 pm - 7/8 am works great for me!
  • How you crinkle your forehead.
  • How observant you are.
  • That you are beginning to track with your eyes. You are looking right at the camera here! I know your Aunt Rebecca is going to love this picture! :)
  • That you pooped on your Uncle Casey the first time you met him! Haha!!
  • How I can tell your cry apart from other babies cries.
  • Seeing you hold your first object in your hand - your nook of course! :)
  • Snuggling up close to you.
  • Watching you hold your head up. Check out that strong neck!
  • Taking pictures of you with your friends.
You and your friend, Gavin

You and your second cousins, Elle and Taylee
  • How small you are in your big crib!
  • Swaddling you.
  • YOU! And, every sweet little thing about you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

What I love about you... 6 weeks

week 6

  • Reading books with you! :) I know, Lilly's Chocolate Heart is one of my favorites too! We read it a few times this week to gear up for Valentine's Day! Daddy even read it with you too!
  • The way you smile at the pages while we read.
  • Dressing you up in pink!
  • How sleepy you get during photo sessions!
  • Your signature move - fist below the chin... classic!
  • The way you hold your hand on your face when you nurse.
  • Your long, strong legs.
  • Putting shoes on you for the first time! Even though daddy thought a new born wearing shoes was pretty funny, especially when you kept kicking them off your feet!
  • Your beautiful eye lashes that are growing in and getting longer day by day.
  • The peaceful way you sleep when I hold you in my arms (like this morning!)
  • How beautiful you are!!

I love you, sweet one!
Love, mom

Friday, February 5, 2010

What's New with Me!

Hi ya'll, Cori Belle here. It's been a while since I've posted on the blog so I thought I'd update you on my life this week. Enjoy!

I went to the doc's on Wednesday for my one month check-up. It was a great visit! I weigh 9 lbs now and I'm 22 1/2 inches long. That means I've gained 1 lb and 2 oz since birth and I've grown 3 inches. Dr. Kelly said that I'm in the 50 %tile for weight and the 90 %tile for height. Can you believe it? Mom isn't sure where the height comes from because her and dad are not very tall, but it must run somewhere in the family. I can't believe I'm going to be taller than my mom and dad!! Dr. Kelly said I'm doing a great job growing. I even held my own head up for her and smiled at her. She was super impressed. She said I'm already doing things that a 2 month old should do. Go me! Dr. Kelly said that on my next visit I have to get my first round of shots. Anyone know what those are??

Mom started to get sick on Wednesday night so we laid around the house all day Thursday. I made her some yummy soup for lunch. I know what you're thinking.. I'm such a good daughter to take care of my mommy like that. Yep, you're right! :) I cuddled with her on the couch too to help her feel better. Moms really like that! Dad said he is starting to get the sniffles too. I think he was just jealous I didn't spend the day snuggling with him. Maybe we can snuggle a little bit on Saturday, dad. :)

Well, not too much else going on with me. My Aunt Missy and Uncle Ryan are coming to visit me tonight. Mom and dad said we are going to go to Chili's for dinner. Except I have to eat breast milk before we go. Man, I was really hoping for some chips and salsa!

Until next time...

Monday, February 1, 2010

What I love about you... 5 weeks

5 weeks

  • Taking pictures with you.
  • Watching you sit in your Bumbo seat for the first time. You did such a great job holding your head up all by yourself!
  • Seeing you in your church dress and cardigan yesterday! (Same outfit as the two pics above. Adorable!)
  • The way you watch all the animals spin above you when you swing.
  • Tummy Time!
  • How distinct your facial features are getting.
  • The way your daddy loves you.
  • That you slept 7 hours last night! Wahoo!!
  • Cori Belle smiles!

Until next time...