Monday, February 8, 2010

What I love about you... 6 weeks

week 6

  • Reading books with you! :) I know, Lilly's Chocolate Heart is one of my favorites too! We read it a few times this week to gear up for Valentine's Day! Daddy even read it with you too!
  • The way you smile at the pages while we read.
  • Dressing you up in pink!
  • How sleepy you get during photo sessions!
  • Your signature move - fist below the chin... classic!
  • The way you hold your hand on your face when you nurse.
  • Your long, strong legs.
  • Putting shoes on you for the first time! Even though daddy thought a new born wearing shoes was pretty funny, especially when you kept kicking them off your feet!
  • Your beautiful eye lashes that are growing in and getting longer day by day.
  • The peaceful way you sleep when I hold you in my arms (like this morning!)
  • How beautiful you are!!

I love you, sweet one!
Love, mom


The Sutton Four said...

look at those long legs!!!! Watch out! oh she is just precious!!!!

Stephanie said...

AWWWW she is so PRECIOUS!!!