Monday, February 22, 2010

What I love about you... 7-8 weeks

Week 7 & 8
  • The terradactyl sounds you make when you are talking to us.
  • Kissing your sweet face!
  • That your tear ducts are starting to work... even though those tears make me so sad!!
  • That you found your thumb for a few seconds the other day. On accident or not, it was so cute! Too bad I couldn't get the camera in time!
  • That you take a bottle from daddy!
  • How smitten your grandparents are with you.

  • Celebrating your GREAT grandmothers 87th birthday with her!
  • That there were 4 generations together on Sunday afternoon.
My grandma, my mom, me, and Cori Belle
  • That you are sleeping through the night! 9/10 pm - 7/8 am works great for me!
  • How you crinkle your forehead.
  • How observant you are.
  • That you are beginning to track with your eyes. You are looking right at the camera here! I know your Aunt Rebecca is going to love this picture! :)
  • That you pooped on your Uncle Casey the first time you met him! Haha!!
  • How I can tell your cry apart from other babies cries.
  • Seeing you hold your first object in your hand - your nook of course! :)
  • Snuggling up close to you.
  • Watching you hold your head up. Check out that strong neck!
  • Taking pictures of you with your friends.
You and your friend, Gavin

You and your second cousins, Elle and Taylee
  • How small you are in your big crib!
  • Swaddling you.
  • YOU! And, every sweet little thing about you!


Casey and Rebecca said...

I do love the auntie picture!!! oh how I can't wait to hold her again! She will be so big. loved seeing you guys!

Dani and Dave said...

I added one more thing I love about Cori Belle and it has something to do with Casey! :)

Casey and Rebecca said...

yes...serves him right for wanting to hold a naked baby...

The Ahlgrens said...

Just love all her cute little hair bows. And I love her bright eyes! :)