Saturday, November 17, 2012

31 weeks, 4 days

On Monday we were able to do one last ultrasound of our sweet baby boy and as the ultrasound tech was finishing up, she switched over to 3D. We never had 3D ultrasounds with the girls and were not expecting it with Tucker either, but it was such a sweet surprise. I even teared up a little bit seeing him on the screen. Just precious! I think he looks like Finley, but we will see when he makes his real life appearance! And, they checked – still a BOY!

tucker 3D

I’m measuring a little ahead of schedule, but not by much – like a day or so. Cori was 5 days late, Finley right on time, and we will see what Tucker decides to do. So crazy to think we will have three kiddos running around!!! I’m excited and scared at the same time!

Here is what my belly is looking like these days..

Dani and Dave Date night and week 31 009

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 31 weeks, 4 days

Gender: It's a BOY!!! Tucker David Smith

Size of baby: He is a little over 3 lbs according to his ultrasound

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 17 lbs

Maternity Clothes: I FINALLY went shopping for some last weekend!! This really is the first time I’ve gone maternity shopping and got a ton of great tops at the outlet mall. I’m seriously LOVING having some clothes that fit me! Haha!!

Movement: Still a whole lot! This kid is a mover and a shaker! Could it be because I still drink a cup of coffee every morning?!

Sleep: Can’t complain! Sleeping comfortably snuggled next to my hubby!

What I miss: Hmm.. this may sound strange, but I miss being able to do burpees without having to spread my knees apart so my belly can fit when I jump my feet in. Katie Wade – are you reading this?!

Cravings: nothing particular this week

Symptoms: A few Braxton Hicks and a BIG belly!

Best Moment this week: Seeing sweet baby Tucker on Monday in 3D!! Loved that!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

October Wrap Up

I can’t believe it is already November; mid November at that! We’ve been here in Birmingham for just over 4 months and it’s really been a great adventure thus far! Since I’m such a blog SLACKER, I thought I’d just wrap up the last month in one super long post! Ha! Enjoy!

We ended September and headed into October with Premier! The last weekend in September I got to go on a Designer trip in Hilton Head with some of my sweet Premier (and life long) friends. I just LOVE that Premier has allowed me to stay so close to my already close friends. It’s just one more reason to chat on the phone and one more excuse to see each other more frequently.

Lacy, me and Stephanie


Then, the following week Lacy and Jonathan came to visit us for Jonathan’s 30th birthday. We had such a great time together and so did our girls. Ella and Audrey came up as well. Cori and her BFF’s had a slumber party in her room for 2 nights. It was just precious to hear the giggles of a 2, 3, and 5 year old. I don’t think they got much sleep while they were here!

Nov 1st download 032


Dave finished the playground in our backyard. When we moved in the backyard looked like this…


It was basically sliding gravel rock and super dangerous. It really just had that old wooden structure in it and we bought and put the slide there temporarily until we could get the new swing set built. Dave built the new swing set all by himself. He bought the parts and the wood and went to work for a few days back there. He also laid sod down so it would be safer for the girls. Check out our backyard now… I am SO proud of my handy hubby! We have gotten SO MUCH use out of having a swing set in the backyard. The kids LOVE it!!


We’ve had some cold days up here and Cori had her first experience with hot chocolate. She was SO excited!!

Big camera download 1112 036

Big camera download 1112 037


We started a tradition of homemade pizza night about every other week. We call it “Family Night” and the kids really look forward to it! I do too! It’s so much fun and I can’t wait until all the kids can really take part in it, making their own individual pizzas!

Big camera download 1112 225

Big camera download 1112 051


Cori took her first trip to the dentist last month. We really talked it up to her as being super fun. Dave and I also made dentist appointments for ourselves the same day so we could ALL go to the dentist as a family. She was actually excited about going to get her teeth brushed, until we got there! Ha! Isn’t that always the case?! The office was sweet and kid friendly. They actually took her picture and did her hand print to put up on the wall and ceiling. She liked that, especially that she got to use pink paint to do her hand print.


We sat down in the chair and met our hygienist, who was so sweet. She told Cori all about her special tooth brush. Cori wasn’t too sure about it, but she was a good sport. She wouldn’t lay down, but sitting up worked great!

All done, but still looking a little traumatized! The real traumatizing part was meeting the dentist! She sure did cry then. Thankfully it was quick! She got some great stickers, a bouncy ball, new tooth brush & tooth paste, and we took her for popsicles afterwards! Ha! It was a great 1st trip to the dentist!

We did some fun fall related activities during “school” hours. Cori had a blast!

Big camera download 1112 042

Big camera download 1112 045

Big camera download 1112 046

Big camera download 1112 049


Being that it was October last month, we took part in MANY fall related activities. We went to two different fall festivals at two different churches. We dressed up and went trick-or-treating at Whole Foods. Did arts and crafts at the zoo in our costumes. Went to a Halloween parade. And, our girls had their very first real experience trick-or-treating on Halloween from house to house. All of which was so much fun! The girls were bumble bees at some events and princesses at others. Here are some sweet pictures from our fall events! (the cute dresses that the girls are wearing in a few pics were made  by my mother-in-law. Aren’t they adorable? Thanks Yaya!)

Fall Festival

Big camera download 1112 004

Big camera download 1112 008

Big camera download 1112 007

Big camera download 1112 011

Whole Foods

Nov 1st download 091

Nov 1st download 076

The Zoo

Nov 1st download 121

Halloween Night

Big camera download 1112 059


mommy and finley

One of my very favorite pictures!!

mommy and girls

Big camera download 1112 139

Big camera download 1112 150

Big camera download 1112 173

Big camera download 1112 187

Some sweet sisterly love after a LONG night of trick-or-treating. Finley was SO ready for bed!!

We have really been enjoying the fall here at our home. Excited for Thanksgiving next week and then the beautiful season of Christmas. I do have to admit, I’ve already been playing some Christmas music in our house. Just don’t tell Dave – he is pretty adamant about no Christmas music until the day AFTER Thanksgiving!! I always seem to start a little earlier than that! Ha!

Until next time .. hopefully you won’t have to wait too long! :)