Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9 Months Old

Cori - 9 weeks 073 photoshop

Cori - 9 weeks 075 photoshop















My sweet baby girl turned 9 months old yesterday! Just a few more days and she will be out of the womb the same amount of time as she was in. Oh, how time flies! We went in today for her well check and here are her specs…

Weighing in at 14 lbs, 13 oz

Measuring 26 inches long

Yes, she is quiet the petite little thing, but she is healthy and making tremendous growth and development in all her fine and gross motor skills! Her sweet and LIVELY personality develops more and more everyday and we love her more than life itself!

In keeping true to form, here is the “What I love about you” list at 9 months!

what i love button  week 38 & 39


  • When you rest your head on my shoulder
  • Seeing you use the sign for “more'” for the first time last week
  • Checking on you one last time before I go to bed each night
  • The little sprout of hair on the top of your head when I put a bow in your hair

Cori - 9 weeks 115 photoshop

  • Watching your independence during play time

Cori - 9 weeks 100 photoshop

  • Cori - 9 weeks 101 photoshop




Cori - 9 weeks 105 photoshop

  • Knowing that you understand me when I sign and say “all done”
  • Hearing strangers tell me how beautiful you are when they pass you in stores and restaurants. You are truly beautiful – outside and in
  • How you cock your head sideways as if to say, “Oh really, tell me more!”
  • Feeding you oatmeal in the morning for breakfast
  • That you wake up smiling EVERYDAY :)
  • Your obsession with puffs

Cori - 9 weeks 114 photoshop

  • Singing songs with you. When we sing, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes,” you touch your head now and hold your hands there for the whole song.
  • Listening to all your babbling … ba ba ba, da da da…
  • That you are really beginning to understand what daddy and I say to you. You understand “no, no” and “milk” for sure! You also look directly at Maverick every time we say his name!
  • How interested you are in books, especially your little Bible

Cori - 9 weeks 091 photoshop

  • Cori - 9 weeks 097 photoshop




  • Listening to you try to communicate with other babies. You want so badly to talk to them!
  • The way you let me hold you
  • The way you stand up to hug me after changing you on the changing table
  • Your new jean skirt :)

Cori - 9 weeks 023 photoshop

  • The cooing sounds you make when you’re tired
  • How easy you go down for naps and to bed at night
  • That you have to have 4-5 paci’s in your crib for naps and bed time. You still like to keep one in your mouth, and hold a few in your hands. It might not be cute when we are trying to take the paci away, but for now, it sure is sweet.
  • Taking pictures of you!

Cori - 9 weeks 019 photoshop

Cori - 9 weeks 029 photoshop













Cori - 9 weeks 016photoshop


Cori - 9 weeks 042 photoshop

Cori - 9 weeks 066 photoshop














Happy 9 months, sweet one. They have been a blast!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tiny Tot School

~CB is currently 9 months old~

Well, 9 months tomorrow anyway! :)


We are having a grand ole time in Tiny Tot School and learning so much! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy learning time with my little one and the joy it brings me when she learns something new!

~Learning Toys~

CB loves hanging out in the kitchen with me. Now that we have a nice new dishwasher that is magnetic, we have some magnets and such for CB to play with. I know I keep saying this, but some Leap Frog Alphabet Letters would be a GREAT addition for the dishwasher! Maybe for her birthday or Christmas! :) Until then, chip clips and magnets will have to do!

CB first tantrum 096 photoshop

CB first tantrum 098 photoshop













CB had a lot of fun with her Laugh and Learn Puppy this week. She LOVES him! This week she really figured out how to make him sing and talk to her. She purposefully presses his hands, feet, tummy, ears, and heart. It’s always cute when kids do something on accident, but it’s even better when they are smart enough to do it on purpose!

Cori 031 photoshop Pressing his heart

Cori 044 photoshop Pressing his hand

Cori 047 photoshop

Cori 051 photoshop













CB also LOVES her set of balls from Target. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they rattle when you shake them. CB really enjoys holding one in each hand as she shakes, clangs them together, and pushes them around the floor!

Cori 071 photoshop

Cori 075 photoshop













CB played A LOT with her star stacker. She has figured out how to take all the stars off the stacker. We will work on putting them back on another time! :) She has also figured out that if she puts the stacker in her mouth it will light up and play music (if she hits the button with her tongue in just the right spot! :) She gets a kick out of that!

Cori 006 photoshop

Cori 013 photoshop













Last, but certainly not least, CB read up on Elmo – in preparation for Sesame Street LIVE next week! :) She LOVES books and I LOVE that about her!

Cori 080 photoshop

Cori 081 photoshop













Cori 085 photoshop 

~Life (FUN) School~

If this girl isn’t walking by her first birthday I will be surprised! CB pulls to stand and walks (holding onto a hand or furniture) just about every where she can!

Cori 019 photoshop 

She is also starting to be quiet interested in Maverick. She watches him and will even softly pet him now. So cute!! She will also crawl over top of him if he is in her way.

Cori 024 photoshop

~Mom’s Favorite~

Go GATORS, come on Gators, get up and GO!

Cori 091 photoshop

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh, the Beach!!

A day on the beach is like a day in heaven to me. It is COMPLETELY different with children, but it’s still just plain, heaven! As we near October, I always like to get one last beach trip in … before fall really sets in in my mind. So last Sunday, we loaded up the car as early as we could get little miss Cori Belle out of bed and headed to our favorite beach – Crescent! There are so many memories on that beach. Dave and I have been going there on family vacations since we started dating some 8 years ago and we hope to create many more memories there as we grow as a family.

Cori really enjoyed the beach! The last time we went to the beach was for our annual Smith Family Vacation in June and she had just turned 6 months. She was sitting up and staying in ONE SPOT then. Now, she is miss mobile and she loved crawling around to explore the sand and water! We even did some walking since that’s the new thing at the moment. Not by herself of course! But, she did walk from our spot on the sand all the way to the water holding my hand. It was a pretty good distance for her; I was surely a proud parent! :)

Here we are enjoying some time in the water… We definitely needed to sit and rest after that long walk!

The wind blew like crazy pretty much all day, but Cori was a trooper. Here is a picture of her towel blowing in the wind as she played with a water bottle.

I LOVE this picture of her lounging in her beach chair! Look at those sweet crossed legs. :)

Napping sure was a feat on the beach because this time we didn’t have a condo to rest in. She slept in my arms for a bit and then slept in daddy’s arms the rest of the time under a towel.

Uncle Ryan, Aunt Missy, and Aunt Jamie met us there for the day. It was so nice to hang out with family!

Uncle Ryan is an amazing kite boarder! Here is just a glimpse of his incredible skill. He definitely was entertainment for people on the beach that day.

Beach season is wrapping up this year, but we are headed into fall – pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bails, changing & falling leaves, cooler weather, and as my friend Mandi mentioned in her blog post earlier .. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s – My FAVORITE!

Until next time…

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Cori - week 38 outside 005 photoshop

Cori - week 38 outside 009 photoshop














Cori - week 38 outside 012 photoshop

Cori - week 38 outside 017 photoshop














Cori - week 38 outside 013 photoshop 

Cori - week 38 outside 029 photoshop

Cori - week 38 outside 052 photoshop














Cori - week 38 outside 072 photoshop

Cori - week 38 outside 073 photoshop














Cori - week 38 outside 074 photoshop

Cori - week 38 outside 087 photoshop