Thursday, September 9, 2010

A day in the life…

Our dear friend Willie turned one yesterday!! His momma, Stephanie, and I met a few years ago when we taught 1st grade together. I remember when Stephanie told me she was pregnant with Willie. It was such an exciting time for her! We would eat lunch together every day at school and talk about the joys of pregnancy. 4 months after Stephanie found out she was pregnant, I found out I was pregnant! Our lunch talks got even more exciting after that! :) Since having our babies we have both stepped out of the classroom to stay home with them – allowing us to get together on a Wednesday afternoon to hang out and celebrate things such as Willie’s 1st birthday!! Oh, the joys of mommy hood!

Willie wanted to play with everything Cori was playing with so when Cori got on the dragon Willie wanted it too! We showed Willie how to push Cori and they both LOVED it! Here is Willie pushing her forwards…







And backwards…








Then, we went outside to race!! They had so much fun!! Cori got to drive Willie’s old car and Willie rode around in his NEW CAR that he got for his birthday!












After our car races, we decided to take a tour of the Whitehurst property on the golf cart. It sure is beautiful out there! I can definitely see the perks to living on some land for sure! Maybe one day we will move out of this 2 bdrm condo! Ha!

Willie so badly wanted to drive, so… we let him show us around! :)


The dogs had a grand ole’ time as well! I brought Mav over to have a play date with Izzy. Mav was literally in dog heaven! You can barely even see him in this picture below! They followed us all around the fields and even chased a few cows here and there!









Speaking of cows… There were MANY! At one point they all started walking TOWARDS the golf cart! Just as they would get close, Izzy would bark and chase after them. Thanks for saving our life, Izzy! Haha! It truly was a beautiful ride!

Once we got back, poor Maverick looked like he was on his death bed. He laid down on the porch and refused to move. Soon the clouds started rolling in and the rain started, light at first.. then the downpour began! He laid there for 20 minutes before we could get him in the trunk of the car – sopping wet and all! Stephanie and I literally thought he might die right then and there! Old geezer is only 7 years old! Luckily he survived, but I don’t know how much more pasture grazing and cow chasing will be in his future!

It sure was a fun trip! Thanks for having us over Willie! Happy Birthday!!

Cori - Tot School wk 35 158 photoshop

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Stephanie said...

Willie & I enjoyed you guys coming over! We are glad you had fun! And Izzy is glad that Maverick is doing well!