Friday, September 17, 2010

There is a 1st for everything!

Something new happened in our house the other day … CB had her very first mini temper tantrum! Seriously? Do temper tantrums really start at 8 months old?! I thought for sure I could skip out on disciplining until at least a year old. HA! So much for that!

It all started when I was getting CB dressed for bed a few days ago. She had just gotten out of a nice warm bath. I had rubbed lotion on her to help her relax as she settled into her bedtime routine. Then, came the PJ’s. … Every night it’s the same so I don’t know what made this night any different. We dry off, lotion up, and get a diaper on while sitting on the changing table. Then, we head to the floor because her PJ’s are in the bottom drawer of her dresser. So, every night I sit her on the floor and open up her PJ drawer. She pulls up to stand and picks out which PJ’s she wants to wear to bed. Then, I dress her. Sounds simple right? Wrong! Apparently on this special evening, after CB chose her PJ’s she decided it was time to play and immediately began crawling across the room. I chased her down because of course I am faster (for now that is!). And that’s when it happened. As soon as I got to her and tried to start dressing her, she started crying and quite literally threw herself onto the floor (face down). Then she would look at me (still crying) and throw herself down again. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

To top it off, that’s not the only time it’s happened, just the 1st! I think we are starting a trend here. Yesterday she did it again, TWICE. Once in the living room while we were playing because she didn’t want to take a break to get a much needed diaper change. And, again before bed. But this time we were in the kitchen and she threw her face onto the tile floor all because it was taking too long for her bottle to defrost.

Watch as the events unfolded. I was laughing at her which probably made matters worse (bad momma!), but I just couldn’t help it.

CB first tantrum 059CB first tantrum 060







CB first tantrum 061

CB first tantrum 063







CB first tantrum 064

And so disciplining begins. How in the world do you express to an 8 month old that throwing yourself onto the floor is NOT going to get you what you want. And seriously, why does this have to start happening now? I thought it was something to be expected during the terrible 2 phase. Oh, the joys of parenting! :) Help please!


Casa de Sutton said...

Oh dear! those pictures are quite hilarious!! I would offer you advice if I had done it right the first time around with CB's older twin Evie Kate!!!!!!!!!!! sounding familiar to me-but just think of that strong personality God has blessed her with and can use once its molded and trained :)

Stephanie said...

WOW! Maybe it is in the AIR!!! Willie's temper tantrums have not reappeared since wednesday! So maybe they will stay gone! Atleast you were wise enough to take pictures! Too funny!

Our Family said...

Hang in there dear Mommy!! :) You can do this!

Shelli said...

Hey Danielle,
It was nice to finally meet you in person today! Marcus exhibited his first rebellious behavior around 10 months old. I too was shocked at how willful he was! Anyway, we sought Godly advice from friends and family about disciplining. I would be happy to share what we have done (and are still doing) with Marcus and Lella. I think consistency is one of the most important parts of disciplining children. Also, disciplining not only because of your love of CB, but most importantly your love of the Lord. Proverbs 22:6 : Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Hang in there! :-)