Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tiny Tot School

~CB is currently 8.5 months old~


I am really loving spending such quality time teaching my sweet little girl each week. It so fun to see how she learns new things and gets better each day at skills we’ve been practicing. It’s things like this that I wouldn’t get to do if I didn’t stay home with my little one and I’m so thankful each and every day!

~Learning Toys~

This week we did a lot of talking on the phone. I LOVE this phone. It’s a “B” phone from Target, but you could get order it on Amazon as well. CB is always trying to steal my cell phone so I thought one of her own would get her interest. This phone is a favorite of mine because you can record your voice on it. CB LOVES it!

Cori - Tot School wk 36 004 photoshop

Cori - Tot School wk 36 005 photoshop













Of course we had to play some more with our Poppin’ Pals. She even popped an animal out this week (on accident, but she was so surprised and proud of herself!!).

Cori - Tot School wk 36 020 photoshop


CB loves her Laugh and Learn Puppy. She is figuring out how to make his body parts play music and LOVES watching his red heart light up when he sings and talks. Her face also lights up when the puppy sings the “I Love You” song. We were shopping for a birthday present for a friend at Wal-Mart when I happen to walk by a Laugh and Learn Puppy in the store. You should have seen her face! It was the CUTEST thing!!

Cori - Tot School wk 36 024 photoshop

Here she was giving him kisses.. So SWEET!

Cori - Tot School wk 36 034 photoshop

Another great “B” toy – The B One.Two Squeeze Blocks. They are made out of soft rubber, which is great for chewing, sucking, and squeezing. I stack them and CB knocks them down! So much fun!!

Cori - Tot School wk 36 151 photoshop

Like I said… great for chewing! :) We also worked on pulling them out of the bag they come in. She also enjoyed pushing the bag around on the floor. She is ALL ABOUT that these days!

Cori - Tot School wk 36 149 photoshop

Cori - Tot School wk 36 153 photoshop














Cori - Tot School wk 36 154 photoshop


~Life (FUN) School~

CB worked on drinking from a cup this week. She LOVES it! She gets so excited when I hold the cup up to her mouth to take a sip and laughs as she drinks it down. Here she is working on drinking by herself (with an empty cup!) :)

Cori - Tot School wk 36 043 photoshop

Cori - Tot School wk 36 045 photoshop













She is getting so good at clapping and waving “bye bye.” Every night we sing “Hokey Pokey” as we put on her PJ’s and she loves when I clap, “that’s what it’s all about!” She watches so intently and then claps when I’m done!

Cori - Tot School wk 36 041 photoshop

We are also spending time each day looking at pictures of family members who don’t life near by. Even if CB doesn’t get to see her grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. in person all too often, she practices putting their names to faces quiet often. She loves looking at pictures!

Cori - Tot School wk 36 054 photoshop


~Mom’s Favorite~

Cori - Tot School wk 36 066 photoshop

I just LOVE this picture of CB rubbing her eyes. The sunshine was so bright outside. What a cutie!! :)

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What precious time you spend with your little one! She is so very cute!! :) I LOVE how your love for God shines through your blog!!