Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9 Months Old

Cori - 9 weeks 073 photoshop

Cori - 9 weeks 075 photoshop















My sweet baby girl turned 9 months old yesterday! Just a few more days and she will be out of the womb the same amount of time as she was in. Oh, how time flies! We went in today for her well check and here are her specs…

Weighing in at 14 lbs, 13 oz

Measuring 26 inches long

Yes, she is quiet the petite little thing, but she is healthy and making tremendous growth and development in all her fine and gross motor skills! Her sweet and LIVELY personality develops more and more everyday and we love her more than life itself!

In keeping true to form, here is the “What I love about you” list at 9 months!

what i love button  week 38 & 39


  • When you rest your head on my shoulder
  • Seeing you use the sign for “more'” for the first time last week
  • Checking on you one last time before I go to bed each night
  • The little sprout of hair on the top of your head when I put a bow in your hair

Cori - 9 weeks 115 photoshop

  • Watching your independence during play time

Cori - 9 weeks 100 photoshop

  • Cori - 9 weeks 101 photoshop




Cori - 9 weeks 105 photoshop

  • Knowing that you understand me when I sign and say “all done”
  • Hearing strangers tell me how beautiful you are when they pass you in stores and restaurants. You are truly beautiful – outside and in
  • How you cock your head sideways as if to say, “Oh really, tell me more!”
  • Feeding you oatmeal in the morning for breakfast
  • That you wake up smiling EVERYDAY :)
  • Your obsession with puffs

Cori - 9 weeks 114 photoshop

  • Singing songs with you. When we sing, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes,” you touch your head now and hold your hands there for the whole song.
  • Listening to all your babbling … ba ba ba, da da da…
  • That you are really beginning to understand what daddy and I say to you. You understand “no, no” and “milk” for sure! You also look directly at Maverick every time we say his name!
  • How interested you are in books, especially your little Bible

Cori - 9 weeks 091 photoshop

  • Cori - 9 weeks 097 photoshop




  • Listening to you try to communicate with other babies. You want so badly to talk to them!
  • The way you let me hold you
  • The way you stand up to hug me after changing you on the changing table
  • Your new jean skirt :)

Cori - 9 weeks 023 photoshop

  • The cooing sounds you make when you’re tired
  • How easy you go down for naps and to bed at night
  • That you have to have 4-5 paci’s in your crib for naps and bed time. You still like to keep one in your mouth, and hold a few in your hands. It might not be cute when we are trying to take the paci away, but for now, it sure is sweet.
  • Taking pictures of you!

Cori - 9 weeks 019 photoshop

Cori - 9 weeks 029 photoshop













Cori - 9 weeks 016photoshop


Cori - 9 weeks 042 photoshop

Cori - 9 weeks 066 photoshop














Happy 9 months, sweet one. They have been a blast!


Rosemary Fagler said...

There is something about Cori that reminds me of Lauren... I think it's the bald head and big eyes. :-) She is a pretty baby!

Our Family said...

She is so precious! She is going to just love reading this one day! Beautiful!