Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Season…

I was reading my friend, Annie’s blog a few weeks ago when she talked about there being 3 seasons where we live… Beach Season, Football Season, and Christmas. She sure is right about that and this beautiful town of ours has entered into its second season of the year… GATOR FOOTBALL SEASON!

David and I are always a bit sad going into football season (well just for the last 2 years anyway). We have had season tickets for 8 out of the past 10 years!! After he graduated medical school our season tickets were stripped from our possession because we were no longer students!! :( Fortunately, we have these amazing friends (Mr. and Mrs. William Whitehurst) who are able to get us tickets every now and then. This past week happen to be one of those times and we were so grateful to be able to go to the game!

Saturday morning we packed up our Gator gear and headed out to Williston to drive to the game together. Steph couldn’t make it to the game with us due to Willie’s 1st birthday bash being the following day so she volunteered to keep the kiddos while everyone else cheered on the Gators. So, we dropped Cori off and off we went. **Only it wasn’t as easy as I just made it sound. Dropping off my daughter and being apart from her for an ENTIRE day was a bit sad for me. I could only imagine if I had to do that everyday as I headed off to work. I just might cry EVERYDAY!!**

Here she is with all her GATOR GEAR for the day! Thanks Laura for the SWEET Gator dress! We LOVE it!! Cori is supporting the Gators for you all the way from Salt Lake City!








Quick family photo before heading off to the game! Go Orange and Blue!!

We stopped at Publix on our way and let me tell you, this is how you know you live in Gator Country … EVERYONE in Publix was wearing orange and blue. I kid you not – every person in the entire store! Another reason I LOVE living in Gainesville! And, it was like a tailgate in the parking lot as everyone packed up their coolers to head over to campus.

Here we are tailgating outside the stadium before the game. Steph, we missed you!!








Check out these shoes.. Only William would wear these! HA!

The game, I must admit, was a bit of a disappointment. Although it was a Gator victory, they didn’t play their best. Hopefully we step it up before our next game next week against USF. I know someone in our family will switch to the dark side and actually root against the Gators next week! I know what you’re thinking ..  who would do that?!?! :)

Even Lance and Lauren got to come with us!

Even in the midst of bad plays, we had a blast! It was so much fun being able to root the Gators on from the stands. And the best news is, we just got season tickets for all the home games (except LSU!!)  from a Med Student who is too busy studying to cheer on the Gators. Thank you Medical School!

Until next time…



AMW said...

Yay! So glad yall got to go to the game! Those Whitehursts are some pretty nice people! Ha... :) I just cant believe Stephanie missed the first game--- that's motherly love for sure! Ha...
I LOVE Cori Belle's dress! So cute!!! Hopefully we'll see you guys tomorrow for a play date at Willie's! :)

Laura said...

Yay!! I'm so glad the dress fits!! I love it! It's been 4 years since I went to a Gator game... sad! I'm glad you guys still get to go every once in a while :) Love you guys!

Casey and Rebecca said...

That would be me as well....I love the Gators, but this week it's all about them BULLS!!!
PS Cori is as cute as ever in that dress!

The Helms Family said...

Cori is so cute in her Gator gear! Hey what is the name of that program that you use for your blog? The one that makes it easier to do pics? Thanks!