Friday, January 29, 2010

The things I love about you!

In my efforts to blog yesterday on my daughters 1 month old birthday, time (once again) slipped away from me! I can't believe that my sweet, little baby girl is 1 month old. It feels like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. I'm sure I'll be saying that one for the rest of my life! In one month, she is already growing up so fast.

I LOVE being a mommy! Even though I've only been a mommy for a month, it is the most rewarding job I have ever had. From 5 am feedings to poop squirting out of her diaper to the little smiles when her belly is full...I couldn't ask for anything more. She is a complete JOY and our family is so blessed to have her.

Yesterday I was sitting with all the wonderful women from Mom's Group when someone began talking about a blog they came across. It's a blog written by a mom who posts every week about the things she LOVES about her children. It's so sweet. It encouraged me to write down everything I love about my little one, even though I am 4 weeks out!

The things I LOVE about Cori Belle... (in no particular order!)
  • The way you stretch - your back arches, your booty sticks out, your head throws back, your cheeks puff up, and your forehead crinkles. It's the CUTEST thing!
  • Your beautiful, big eyes!
  • The cooing sounds you make when you nurse and suck on your nook.
  • Your "baby bird" face when you're about to nurse.
  • Your precious, little feet.
  • Putting bows in your hair. (Or on your head, rather!)
  • Seeing you sleep with your daddy.
  • Giving you a bath .. and your sweet smell when you get out of the tub!
  • The strength in your legs when you get really mad!
  • The big smiles you give when you play with your daddy.
  • The smallness of your body when you pull your legs to your chest.
  • The precious way you look when you sleep.
  • Taking family pictures!
  • Watching you giggle at the monkey attached to your tummy time mat.
  • The calming effect your car seat has on you.
  • The sweetness of taking pictures of you.

Oh, there are so many things I love about my little girl, I could go on forever! I think I'll save some for next week. Until next time...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God is so good!

God is so good... Today is David's first day back to work and as anxious as I have been feeling about it for the past few days, I am at peace today. As I sit here and post this blog my little girl is laying in my lap asleep looking more adorable than ever - I had to take a picture of her, check her out to the left. I just can't believe she is here!

We spent many months in prayer about having a baby long before we ever started trying. We prayed that when the time came to try, we would get pregnant in God's perfect timing - no matter how long it took. God was so faithful to us. He made Cori just for us. He picked us to be her parents. We are so blessed to have her. To me, a child is just the most perfect and precious gift from God. They are born into this world untainted. God entrusts these beautiful beings to us, who are supposed to grow and mold them into men and women who love the Lord. Now, that's a big job!

The unconditional love I feel for Cori must parallel the unconditional love God feels for us. I don't think I truly understood how much God loves us until I had a child. I look at her and my heart melts every time - yes, even if she is screaming in the middle of the night. :) God's heart must melt for us that same way - yes, even when we are making bonehead decisions. God is so good.

Here is Cori Belle's birth announcement. I wanted to go get professional pictures taken, but David said he could do them himself. Pretty good, huh? On a funny note, we took these on our couch and she peed during her photo session! Oh, Cori!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So, today I went to the pediatrician for my one week check up. I'm actually 9 days old, but today was the only day they could see me. Dr. Kelly just loves me and told me I am growing at a perfect rate. When I was born I weighed 7 lbs 14 oz. After birth I dropped to 7 lbs 5 oz, which I'm told is normal for babies to do. Well, today, I weighed 7 lbs 15 oz! I'm an ounce over my birth weight which Dr. Kelly says is GREAT! My mommy told Dr. Kelly it's because I eat so much and then mommy had a talk with me about maybe settling down on the boob a little. The problem is I just like it so much, which is why the title of my blog today is "MOO!"

Every time I get hungry I hear my mommy saying to daddy how much she feels like a cow. I can't help that I get hungry every 2 hours. I'm a growing girl! Mommy says that she now has boob anxiety because every time I go in to eat I like to flail my arms around, shake my head, and bite with my gums. I can't help that I'm just so excited to eat. I like to have a little party before going in for the boob. Mommy wishes I would stop and eat peacefully, but she just doesn't know how good breast milk tastes. I told her and daddy to try it, but they refuse. They keep saying something about big people food, but I don't get what they are talking about yet.

Rumble, rumble, rumble... there goes my tummy again. It's time for another feed! Here I come mommy!

Cori Belle

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cori's First Post

Hi everyone! It's Cori here. My mommy has been telling me all about my second cousins, Taylee and Elle, and how they are posting messages almost everyday here on the blog. So, I figured I'd better get on the ball! I am one week and one day old today. My mommy says I am growing up WAY too fast already. But, I can't help it. I keep telling her that's what little girls do - grow up, but she doesn't want to hear anything about it. Well, I thought I'd post a few pictures of my life so far. My mommy and daddy think I'm the cutest thing they have ever seen, but I guess they are a bit partial. What do you think?

Here I am getting ready to go home from the hospital.

Check out my wrinkly feet! :)

When I came home from the hospital there were lots of people here to visit me!
Here I am with Mama Jean and Papa, my great grandparents on my daddy's side. Mama Jean fell down the stairs a few days prior :(

Here I am with my Yaya (Daddy's mommy).

Here I am with my Mia and Papa (Mommy's mommy and daddy)

Here I am with my Pops (Daddy's daddy)

Here I am with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Missy

I had a lot more visitors, but mommy said she didn't have any pictures of me with Aunt Jamie and Aunt Amber. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to meet Uncle Jason, Uncle Casey, Aunt Rebecca, Deedee, and PopPop yet, but I hear they love me already! I can't wait to meet you guys soon!

I also got my first bath last week. Even though the water was warm, I didn't like it very much. But, mommy and daddy said I smelt much better after wards.

I must admit, I did feel much better after my bath! Thanks mom and dad for sticking with me through the screaming. I promise next time I'll be better!

Here I am with mommy and daddy on New Year's Eve. My daddy picked out this outfit for me. It's an ACDC onesie. He is so proud of it and thought it would be a great outfit for New Year's. Thanks daddy!

Speaking of my daddy, I just love him! I love sleeping on his chest. It makes me feel so warm and comfy. Mommy says it makes her heart melt every time she sees us sleeping together.

Well, I'm getting sleepy after all this blogging. I don't know how mommy keeps up with it. It's time for my morning nap. Check me out all cuddly in this warm blanket Aunt Rebecca made for me. I'm getting sleepy just looking at it! ... I go to the pediatrician tomorrow for my one week check up. I'll be sure to post soon.

Until next time...
Love, Cori Belle