Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiny Tot School

~CB is currently 9.5 months old~


~Learning Toys~

Hey ya’ll! It’s time for another Tiny Tot School post – only a day late! This week we did LOTS of reading about fall – although this bad momma took NO pictures of her daughter reading! I’ll be sure so get some up on our next Tiny Tot School post! We read Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin, which is a GREAT book! And, 10 Fat Turkey's. CB’s favorite was Duck & Goose. As the week went on and we spent more time reading it, I would say, “Cori, where is that pumpkin book?” and she would instantly crawl over to get it! I know, my child is a genius! HA! :) We even played with a real pumpkin after reading the book one day. She LOVED seeing the pumpkin in person!


CB also played with her star stacker a bunch. Her and her daddy were playing together while I ran to the store one day and when I came home he said she had put the star ON the stacker all by herself! Wahoo!!


Pumpkin Patch 226

Putting it on… and taking it off! Go girl!!

Pumpkin Patch 233

Pumpkin Patch 234














Pumpkin Patch 237

Pumpkin Patch 239














~Life (FUN) School~

CB learned 2 NEW SIGNS this week! She can sign “please” and “all done.” It is so stinkin’ cute!! To sign “please” you are supposed to rub your chest with one hand. She rubs her boobies with 2 hands. HA! Works for me! :)

Oh, and while eating lunch at Moes the other day, CB played her first game of "Peek-a-boo” with us, where she covered herself up and then popped out behind my nursing cover. She thought it was hilarious and was so proud of herself!!

Where’s Cori???

Pumpkin Patch 012


Pumpkin Patch 016


~Mom’s Favorite~

Pumpkin Patch 207 photoshop

Cori Belle, those eyes AMAZE me! You are so beautiful!!

P.S. – CB got her FIRST tooth!! I felt it for the first time on Sunday! It’s not fully in yet, but it’s budding and you can see a little bit of white. And, you can certainly feel it! I can attest to that! :)

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The Ahlgrens said...

I had such a great time with Cori at FG the other night. She just LOVED doing signs with us. She kept holding her hands up and looking at them like, "hey, I wonder if my hands could do that?!" What a smarty!