Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello Kitty!

One of Cori Belle’s friends, Evie Kate, turned 4 last week and celebrated her 4th birthday party last Saturday with a “Hello Kitty'” themed party! All the girls got their faces painted as kitties and the boys got their faces painted as puppies. Here is Cori Belle with Emma (left) and birthday girl, Evie Kate (right). They looked so cute!


Cori got her faced painted too. Oh, and no party is complete with out a tattoo! It only took the entire week to scrub that thing off! :)


Cori ate at the big kid table and thought she was hot stuff! She did such a good job sitting there by herself. She only fell under the table a few times (oops!) but held on tight to the top of the table until someone came to rescue her! She even fed herself her own lunch! I made her a plate of macaroni and bread from the ‘pigs in a blanket’ and she went to town. She even held her own cup (with nothing in it!!) but she held onto that cup the ENTIRE time she ate. She so wanted to be like the “big kids!” :)



Later on, she went on a wagon ride with Madelyn and Ryleigh.

Cori B 099


And her daddy let her try a lollypop for the very first time! She was in heaven!!


Thanks for inviting us, Evie! It was so much fun!! Happy Birthday, big girl!

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Casa de Sutton said...

WHAT fun!!! its almost birthday time for you too!!!