Sunday, October 24, 2010

I won!!

A couple weeks ago the Joy FM was having their bi-annual Share-a-thon. We have been listening to the Joy FM for a few years and every time Share-a-thon comes along I always think about giving back to the radio station I listen to daily. For one reason or another, I talk myself out of it, or Share-a-thon ends and I say I’ll give the next time around. So, when Share-a-thon started up again this time, I thought this was the year to give. Well, the week went on and I never did call. Almost every day I would tell myself, “I need to call today,” but somehow the day slipped by. Finally, on Friday of Share-a-thon I was driving to Tampa and listening to the Joy FM. Carmen (one of the talk show hosts of the Morning Cruz) was doing a promotion for Share-a-thon that afternoon and said for every person that called to become a MMMP (more than music mission partner), during a 10 minute span, she would put a ticket for the Brandon Heath/Jars of Clay concert in a stack. At the end of 10 minutes, she would count up the tickets (one for every person that called) and raffle them off.

I quickly called David. Here’s how our conversation went…

“Honey, ya know how we always talk about giving to the Joy FM every year?”


“Well, Carmen is giving away tickets to the Brandon Heath/Jars of Clay concert during this Share-a-thon promotion in the next 10 minutes. So if I call and give now, we might win. And, I’ve already checked your schedule.  Your off that night!”

“Are you sure I’m off?

”YES! But, if it’s okay, I have to hang up RIGHT NOW and call or I might miss the 10 minute promotion. Is it okay???”

“Sounds great, honey.”

“Wahoo! Love you! Bye!!”

And with that, I called. Cori WAS sleeping in the back seat of the car but half way through my call she woke up and began screaming! I was able to give the caller my debit card number and information to become a MMMP, but had to quickly hang up to handle my screaming child. As Carmen was thanking everyone who called on the air, I had to pull off the interstate to calm CB down. I pulled into the McDonalds parking lot to nurse when Carmen announced there were 12 tickets to be given away to ONE of the lucky callers during that 10 minute span. Just as Carmen was about to announce the lucky winner, Cori began screaming even louder than before and I couldn’t hear who won over the curdling cry of my child. “Oh well,” I thought. “I never win anything anyway.” I calmed Cori Belle, put her back in her car seat, and finished my drive to Tampa.

The following week I got a call on my cell phone from a random number. I usually NEVER pick up the phone if it’s a number I don’t know. I let them leave a message and I call back. But on this day, I decided I would pick it up.


“Danielle? Hi. This is Carmen from the Joy Fm.”

“Oh, HI!!”

“Remember last week when I was giving away Brandon Heath/ Jars of Clay tickets during Share-a-thon?”


“Well, you WON!! You won 12 tickets to the Ocala show on Thursday, Oct 21st. Are you going to be able to go?”

… and the rest of the conversation is a blur, but I was BEYONE EXTATIC!

I quickly called and texted 10 of my most precious friends and invited them to come. They were all just as excited as I was!!


When Thursday rolled around, we met at Moes for dinner (our favorite restaurant!! :), ate some delicious food, and loaded up in the church van to head to Ocala. Yes, we sported the Family Church’s van and it was a blast! There is no better way to travel with 12 people, than in an old school, church van! Oh, what memories that brings back from my youth group days!! Haha!

Here we are … well, most of us anyway. Some were hiding from the camera!!


Upon arrival, we headed to our seats and took a few pictures before the concert began. Here’s the group…


The boys…

Chauncey, Lance, William, Dave, Jason, & Joey

And, the girls…

Jen, Emily, me, Stephanie, Lauren, & Lucy

Don’t you think it’s interesting how the boys and girls pose so differently for pictures?!? I think it definitely says something about our gender differences! Just a side note! :)


Brandon Heath took the stage first. He is an absolutely AMAZING singer/song writer. If you’ve never heard any of his songs, go buy his CD NOW! He speaks so much truth in his music and I just can’t get enough of it! I bought his new CD at the concert (it doesn’t officially come out until January!!) and there is this song called Leaving Eden – So POWERFUL! I’ll probably post about that song a little later. Just know it is an INCREDIBLE song with SO MUCH TRUTH to it!!

After Brandon performed, Jars of Clay hit the stage. They played their entire first CD that was released 15 years ago. It is one of the best Christian CD’s I have EVER heard and brings back so many memories. It’s the CD that reminds me of my days in youth group. It’s also the CD that reminds me of the time I re-dedicated my life to Christ and my darling husband gave his life to Christ for the very first time. It was junior year of college. It was Thursday nights at Campus Crusade. It was a life transformed for the better. I am forever changed.


I am so blessed to be surrounded by such outstanding believers who live life with me everyday; who encourage me in my faith; who set an example for my precious baby girl. God is so good and I am so thankful! Thanks, friends, for coming with us to the concert. It was such a FUN time!! :)


Emily said...

It sounds like an awesome evening, Danielle! I'm feeling a little homesick reading your post... How I am wishing we girls (you, me & angel baby CB) could chat over some coffee!

Stephanie said...

It was so much FUN!!! William & I had a GREAT time! Thanks for inviting us!

Anonymous said...

Bummed I missed out. Wished I could have been there!

Danielle said...

Oh, Em!! I miss you! And, I would SO love to chat over coffee! Are you coming to Gainesville anytime soon??

Carrie said...

What a fun night out! I am a tad jealous ;)