Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What I love about you … week 35

My sweet baby girl turned 8 months old on Saturday! I just can’t believe it!

Cori porch pics & tot school 019 photoshop

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week 35


  • Your contagious laughter!
  • Your sweet smile!

  • The way you carry things around with you when you crawl around the house. You haven’t found a “lovie” yet, but you are working on it!I find you carrying around blankets, dish towels, toys, bows, pacifiers, and today… it was my shoe! :)


  • Your love for your pacifier! Yesterday when I came in to get you after your nap, you were standing in your crib holding onto the railing with 1 pacifier in your mouth, 2 in your right hand, and 1 in your left hand!  I was laughing so hard! And today, I caught you carrying them around with you everywhere you went!

  • Taking you on the boat with your life jacket on. You did NOT like that life jacket! As soon as I put it on you, you started crying. I promise it was for your safety!!

  • They way you crawl away from me giggling when I say, “I’m gonna get you!!” It’s as if you already know those words mean I’m going to tickle you until you can’t stop laughing!!
  • Watching your sweet personality take shape. You are FULL of life, laughter, smiles, and squeals of excitement!
  • Your HUGE bow selection! Here is a new one of my favs!

Cori porch pics & tot school 044 photoshop

  • Watching you take interest in the leaves on our porch.

Cori porch pics & tot school 021 photoshop

Cori porch pics & tot school 022 photoshop 

Cori porch pics & tot school 032 photoshop

  • That you are starting to clap your hands! It’s so cute!
  • That today in the grocery store you were sitting in the cart with both hands in the air, screaming (happily) as if you were on a rollercoaster! Hilarious! :)
  • Your picture poses. It seems every time I try to take a candid photo you stop what you are doing and look at the camera.

Cori - Tot School wk 35 055 photoshop

Cori – you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on – inside and out! Of course I’m partial because I’m your mom, but the love I have for you is unlike any other. My heart melts when I look at you and I am so thankful the Lord gave you to me. I am honored to be your mom!!


Anonymous said...

I love the new "C" bow that Cori Belle is wearing! I wonder what awesome Aunt gave that to her....

Carrie said...

Cori is sooo sweet, Danielle!