Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I love about you… week 33 & 34

what i love button Week 33 & 34


  • The Big Comfy Couch! Anyone remember that show?? I used to watch it when I would babysit in high school. Haha! Anyway, you sure looked little sitting on this BIG couch!! … You were also not feeling very well here. :( Sniffle, Sniffle

  • Making kissy faces with you! I was hoping my kisses would help you feel better! :)

  • Hanging out with your friend Willie. You guys have taken a few trips to Ocala lately with your silly mommies and you both have been such GREAT sports about driving around from store to store, missing naps, being over tired, and waiting a little longer than normal to eat. Your mommies LOVE you both!

Cori & Amber 021 Shopping for party hats at Hobby Lobby. Both of them were exhausted! Willie said, “Get this thing OFF me!”

Cori - wk 34 032 Driving the Elmo Wagon at Toys R Us!

  • Watching your legs kick back and forth when you ride in shopping carts and sit in high chairs! It’s so cute!! Oh, trying on fun hats is super fun too!

Cori & Amber 023

  • How you love to look out the window. Once again, you are so curious and love to check out what’s going on outside! (The glass must taste good too! Yum!) :)

Cori & Amber 015

Cori & Amber 016











Cori - wk 34 003

  • Bath time!! Look at how cute you were with all those bubbles all over your body! You LOVE to play with your toys in the tub! There may only be 2 toys in the picture, but there were MANY, MANY more on the other side of the tub! I also just can’t get over those eyes and long lashes!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Cori & Amber 027

  • New toys for you as you grow! We’ve gotten some GREAT new toys to help you learn new things. Lots of these toys we will be using for Tiny Tot School, but more on that later! You play so well by yourself!

Cori & Amber 034 

Cori & Amber 037

Cori & Amber 042











  • Another weekly get together with our Play Group Friends!

Cori & Amber 050

  • This picture! You look like you are in jail, trying to escape! Haha!!

Cori & Amber 031

  • All your explorations! Here you are exploring under the dining room table!

cori and new bible 002

  • When you start laughing and just can’t stop! You laugh at so many things now. The other day I was working out at home and you thought it was the funniest thing!!! Did I look that silly?!?!? :)

I also love the how easy it is for you to fall asleep on your own now, the way you whisper “da, da, da” and “ba, ba, ba”, the way your eyes perk up and the curious way you look around the room when you hear Maverick or daddy come home from work, what a fast little crawler you’ve become, snuggling with you in the morning, watching you play, seeing you learn, how you throw all your pacifiers out of your crib onto the floor every morning, … the list goes on and on! You are the sweetest thing I have ever laid eyes on. I just LOVE you!!

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