Friday, August 6, 2010

Make It and Love It

My friend, Rose, makes diaper and wipe cases. She started making them a few years ago when she had her 2 girls. She made a set for me back when Cori was born and I LOVE it. It makes carrying diapers and wipes around so much more fun and personal. Just adds that extra little touch.

So, of course, when my best friend from high school found out she was having a boy, I knew just the present to get her for her shower. Unfortunately for me, I am a PROCRASTINATOR! (I don’t know if any of you struggle with that problem, but it sure is a PROMLEM for me!!). The problem came a week before my friend’s baby shower when I asked Rose to make a set for me and she said she couldn’t get it done in time. Shoot. I could just give my friend a rain check, I thought to myself. Or, I could just make it myself. Yeah… I am crafty. I can do it!

So, the procrastinator in me waits until Friday. Yes. The day before the baby shower to tackle this project. I went to Joann's, bought the fabric I needed, then headed to a local embroidery place in town. Luckily, they weren’t too busy that day and got it done in an hour! Whew! We packed our car and drove to Tampa (where the shower was being held) for me to finish the project.

Well, I *thought* that I had bought all the necessary supplies needed to complete both the diaper and wipe case, but with all last minute projects, there were some things I had forgotten. So, at 10 pm on Friday night, I ran out to Walmart to finish off the supply list. I finished the wipe case and cut the necessary fabric needed for the diaper case. By that time it was late and I decided to just finish it in the morning.

cori b 019

Here is the wipe case. Finished on Friday night!

Saturday morning I got all my sewing done (without any help from my mom and grandma, who thought I was doing it wrong the WHOLE time!!). I finally got to the the end and had to sew the Velcro on as the last step. Incase any of you decide to make one of these yourself, do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT use sticky Velcro. First of all, the thread wouldn’t hold, and second of all, the needle in the sewing machine became all sticky and had to be thrown out. Oops! So, at 12 noon, with the party being at 2, I began sewing the Velcro pieces on by hand! By 12:30, I was done and headed for the shower – like the bath tub for a shower, not the baby shower! :) We did indeed made it to the baby shower on time!

cori b 020 Here is the diaper case. Finished  Saturday afternoon! See my cute little square – that’s where the Velcro was sewn by HAND!

cori b 017

cori b 018

The finished project!

Well ya’ll.. what do you think? I think they turned out pretty cute! I may start making these on my own from now on .. but not procrastinating so much during the project! I wish I would have taken pictures of all the steps as I went along, like the real “Make It and Love It” blog I read. But, if anyone is interested in making a set of these on their own, it’s super easy and I’d be glad to show you how to do it. After all, I didn’t have any set by step directions. I only had Cori’s diaper and wipe case to follow. Hope ya’ll like it!

cori b 054 Cori, me, Ashley, and baby Lochlan in her belly! :) Can’t wait to meet him in September!!


Lauren said...

Cute Cute Cute Danielle!! Annie got the jewlrey in yesterday!! I love it! Will be in touch about my party soon!

Stephanie said...


Casey and Rebecca said...

Very cute! We should really open up a website to sell stuff!

Emily said...

Danielle, if you're a procrastinator than I need a new word to describe me! I JUST (as in moments before typing this) sorted through our wedding prints and got our album together. :o)

But your sewing is beautiful! Well done girl!

Dani and Dave said...

Ha! Well, you're ahead of me girl! It's been 4 years and I STILL haven't gotten our wedding album together! :o)

Charon Benton said...

I love it!!! GOOD JOB!

Carrie said...

So cute! Pat yourself on the back.