Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What I love about you … week 31 & 32


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week 31 & 32


  • Your hair! It is finally growing a little and I even got a hair bow in with out it attached to a head band!! Wahoo! Look at those beautiful locks! :)

  • That within the last 2 weeks you have really enjoyed eating Gerber Graduate Puffs! Not only do you enjoy eating them, you are getting really good at putting them into your mouth! You do put your entire fist in your mouth in the process, but it sure is cute!

cori b 062

cori b 060


  • Your BEAUTIFL blue eyes and long lashes! I must say, I’m a little jealous with my poo poo brown eyes over here! :)

  • Going for walks in the stroller WITH OUT the infant carrier! You are such a big girl sitting up in your stroller now and you love being able to watch where we go! You were also practicing waving “bye bye” to the car driving by.

Cori outside 028

  • “High Five!” You are getting so good at this!! I’ll get a picture of it soon!


  • Your sweet thumb. I wouldn’t say that you are a “thumb sucker” but you enjoy it every once in a while – especially when you’re eating, but that’s another post!

cori b 039 P.S. – I LOVE that bow on your head. I wonder who made it?!?! hmmm…

  • The way you pant like a puppy when you are excited. Your face lights up with the biggest smile I have EVER seen, you jump and kick your legs, and pant. Your daddy and I just think it’s too cute!


  • That you are starting to cruise a little bit. You certainly aren’t afraid of trying new things and now that you are pulling up on EVERYTHING, you are attempting to walk just a little bit too!

cori b 073

  • You and your daddy. He just adores you! It’s funny because there is a picture of you and your daddy in his office and you love to stare and stare at it! You must love your daddy!!

Cori Fern 002

  • Watching you and daddy play the piano this weekend. You do seem to love musical instruments. There are many times I find you in our room plucking the strings of the guitar!

 Cori Fern 006 Cori Fern 012



  • The curiosity in you. You are always watching and taking it all in.

Cori Fern 017

  • That you have found your voice! Just last Thursday you started making specific sounds. “Ba ba ba ba ba…” I think it’s your attempt to say “ma ma”, but your dad thinks your trying to say his name. I told him that the “a” sound in “ba” sounds a lot more like “ma” than “da”… ya know, that whole short “a” verses long “a” thing, but that’s just the teacher in me! :)


  • That you are growing into your own sweet, lively personality. My heart melts every time I look at you and I’m so proud when you discover new things. It’s crazy to think that you were just a little baby growing in my belly and now you are a little talking, crawling machine! I just LOVE it!! I just LOVE you!!

cori b 046

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Lauren said...

She is beautiful!! It is crazy how fast these sweet babies grow!