Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love Well

I was blog hopping the other day. You know, you start out reading a blog of someone you know, then you click on a blog they read, and you click, and click until you are reading blogs of people you have never met or heard of before. Blog hopping. I don’t do it all the time, but yesterday was one of those blog hopping days – it was an exceptionally long nap time!! :)

Anyway, I stumbled  upon a blog called “Love Well” and was inspired! This blog has all those little tabs at the top (which one day I long to have on my blog too), but that’s not what inspired me. What inspired me was her “Love Well Philosophy” tab and the post inside it. I highly recommend doing a little blog hopping yourself and reading its contents. It sparks such a thought provoking question. The only one that seems to matter in this vast world we live in. Have I loved well?

God’s number one rule; his greatest commandment – Love God, Love People. If we can do those two “simple” things, then we can surely say that we are living a life pleasing to God. I put “simple” in quotation marks because is it really that simple? Sometimes God does things that are uncomfortable. Sometimes He does things that we just don’t like. Sometimes people are hard to get a long with. Sometimes your husband can make you mad. Sometimes your kids drive you up the wall. There are so many factors that go into loving God and loving people, and I know from experience that sometimes, it’s just not that “simple.”

Regardless of the “simpleness” in the matter, it’s the calling on our life. Every night when you pull the covers to your chin, it’s the question that lingers. Have I loved well? It’s so thought provoking, so deep, so … important! And, the part that inspired me was this…

“Can it be heard in all my conversations? Seen in my eyes? Felt when other people are in my presence? Was the truth I spoke today spoken in love? Were the decisions I made today based in love? Were my reactions? My devotions? Have I loved well?” – direct quote from the Love Well Philosophy.

So today, in all you do, ask yourself just one question,  Have I loved well? I pray that your answer is yes.


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