Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hi blogger friends! It’s me again. I know I don’t post very often, but being that my favorite mommy in the world celebrated her 27th birthday yesterday, I thought I’d better make an appearance. :)

Dad and I started mom’s day off with scrambled eggs, flowers, and a card. Mom sure was happy about that, especially when she found out that I picked out her beautiful flowers!

flower 001

Later on, mom and I went to lunch with Aunt Kristy, Evie, and Beckett at Mexico Lindo. Mom and Aunt Kristy’s birthdays are just 1 day apart and every year they celebrate together. Usually they get to go to the Melting Pot for desert, but since the Melting Pot in town is closed they decided Mexican for lunch would be delicious too! Every year they get asked if they are sisters. “Sisters from another mother!” is what they say – 2 peas in a pod!

Birthday - Danielle 27 001 Mom & Aunt Kristy… I just LOVE both of them!

 Birthday - Danielle 27 003 I had so much fun playing with Beckett and Evie at the restaurant. They would run from one side of my seat to the other. We just laughed and laughed. Mom and Aunt Kristy sure got a kick out of that!

  Dining next to us was a group of old ladies in red hats. Mom and Aunt Kristy laughed and said, “In a few years, that’ll be us. Sitting around in our red hats, celebrating our birthdays!” HAHAHA!!

After lunch, we headed over to Aunt Kristy’s for bible study. Just the ticket for mom’s birthday! She sure does LOVE bible studies. Especially when Beth Moore is involved! Mom talks about her all the time. I didn’t know what all the fuss was about with that lady, but today I watched and listened very closely to Mrs. Beth and she sure does bring the word! I only hope I can love and serve God as much as Mrs. Beth does one day!

Birthday - Danielle 27 018 Here I am watching so intently as Mrs. Beth teaches us about the story of Ruth, another passionate woman following and trusting in the Lord with her whole heart.

Birthday - Danielle 27 014

Me and my FAVORITE mommy!

After bible study, mom and I headed home. I went down for a nap and mom got ready for a date night with dad. I got to stay home and hang out with Uncle Lance and Aunt Lauren (always one of my favorite things to do!!) while mom and dad went to mom’s favorite restaurant for dinner. When the Melting Pot closed last year, mom was so sad. But, she was also happy to hear that the closest one was just 30 minutes away. So, off to the Melting Pot they went.

Birthday - Danielle 27 021 Here is mom, dad, and me taking a family “birthday” photo before they headed out for dinner. Mom wanted me to make it very clear that she is NOT pregnant again – it’s just the way her dress fell when she leaned up against daddy. Silly mommy! :)

Mom and dad said they had a great time at dinner. They were only going to go get cheese fondue and desert. But, once they got there they decided to get the whole thing … cheese, salad, a main course, and desert. Mom’s justification was that they only go once a year for her birthday so they should celebrate in style! AND, since dad is eating salad like a champ now, they had to get salad too. Mom even said that dad wanted the salad more than she did! Oh, how the tables have turned!! Here are some pics from their dinner…

Birthday - Danielle 27 024 My beautiful parents!

Birthday - Danielle 27 026 Dad eating salad!

Birthday - Danielle 27 028

Mom about to blow out her birthday candle!

Well, that’s it. Mom said her birthday was the best yet! I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that it’s her first birthday with me in the world?!?! :) I love you mommy!


Cori Belle


Stephanie said...

Cori I am so glad that your mom had such a Great birthday! I know having you around this year made it EXTA special!

AMW said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Mommy, Cori!! Glad to see it was such a great one and I am CERTAIN having you around to help celebrate is what made it the best! :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I know you made this birthday extra special for your mommy! Glad your Mommy and Daddy were able to celebrate with a night out! :)

Laura said...

Daddy Dave eating salad... now, that's a sight I thought I'd never see! :)

JMyer said...

Love the picture of you watching "Mrs. Beth" Cori! LOL! Aaron says he misses you and tell your mom I say, "HI!"