Monday, August 16, 2010

Something New

I have had the same bible since 2004. It was the first bible I actually bought and it was the bible that taught me how to walk with God after I recommitted my life to Christ in January of ‘04 after listening to Clayton King at a Campus Crusade event my junior year of college. It’s been with me through highs and lows, thick and thin, excitement and sorrow, bible study after bible study .. all the while providing me with encouragement and speaking truth into my life. It’s pretty much written in from top margin to bottom margin, left margin to right margin with insights, questions, aha moments, amens and hallelujahs. It has tear stains from tough times and smiley faces where God spoke right to my heart.  I would not be the same person I am today without that tattered and worn book and for that I am ever grateful.

cori and new bible 017

cori and new bible 016


So, when David asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I knew just the thing … a new bible! I love that I have left my personal stamp on my bible and I can’t wait to dive into the pages of a new bible, with crisp and clean pages, ready for me to write all over! Oh the joy of writing in the margins, underlining, circling, starring, highlighting, etc! I guess that’s just the teacher in me .. always wanting to learn more!

Some people could NEVER fathom writing in the margins of their bible. I have had people ask me why I do it and question that I am writing on “holy” paper which should never be written on. I, on the other hand, beg to differ. Why wouldn’t God want us to write all over His book if it’s going to help us understand and connect more deeply with the words written on the page. When I look back at my bible, I know that I have read it because I have left a piece of myself on the pages. Sometimes my comments lead me back to a particular time in my life and I remember what God was teaching me at that exact moment. I love being able to “mark up the text” as I used to tell my elementary students when they would read books or articles. It just gives you deeper understanding and a sense of ownership over the material being read.

Now I have a new bible, ready and waiting for me to “mark up.” It’s a life application bible and I am so excited about it!! It’s basically a study bible with notes and explanations about what was really going on during these times, background information about people in the bible, and how to put into practice what we have learned through God’s word. I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of times I read a book of the bible and think.. “if only I could understand that on a deeper level.” Well, now I can! And, I can’t wait!! … Not to mention, it’s a lot prettier than my last bible (not that that matters, but it’s a plus!! :)

cori and new bible 019

cori and new bible 020


I mean, just check this out! Do you see that solid black line on both pages? Above the line is scripture and below the line is explanations broken down by verses and important concepts to meditate on. I just know that God is going to teach me so much through this new bible and I can’t wait! (Have I said that yet?!?!)

On top of a new bible for my birthday, David got me a new book called, “Captivating.” It’s about unveiling the mystery of a woman’s soul. I am looking forward to reading it, not only to learn a little more about myself, but to learn more about what God intended for women. Having a daughter makes this especially important as I want her to feel secure in herself and who God created her to be. I am sure I will be posting my insights from that book at a later date, so be on the look out!

cori and new bible 014

I hope you are inspired to read more about the Lord and deepen your relationship with him. For without him as our foundation, we have nothing. And, don’t be afraid to “mark up” that text!!

Until next time…


Charon Benton said...

OH I love it! I have always written in my Bible too--which I learned from my Mama. When Mama died, I "inherited" her Bible which saw MANY MANY MANY notes and markings, along with joy and sorrow! PLEASE save your Bible and give it to your precious daughter one day--for a big event, maybe her wedding or engagement or even her first child!!!!!!

Lauren said...

It took me two months of reading the Bible every day before I felt comfortable marking in it. I now have a blue bible highlighter I love to go crazy with! Thanks for sharing this tender post and do take into consideration Charon's idea. How precious would that be!

Arielle said...

I love your bible :) And Captivating is such a good book, I really enjoyed it...and hope you do too!

JMyer said...

Yay for a new bible! My friend Sarah Fandler JUST told me today that she is going to bring me the book Captivating because I "HAVE to read it"! Maybe we can do an informal study on it when I get it! lol. Love you girl!