Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tiny Tot School

  ~ CB is currently 8 months old ~



This is my first Tot School post! For those of you wondering what in the world Tot School is, let me explain! I have been reading this amazing blog, 1+1+1=1. This is a blog of a homeschooling mom who homeschools her 3rd grader, her pre-schooler, and her tot (kiddos too young for pre-school, but surely needing some purposeful play with their mommas!) I’m calling my posts for now “Tiny Tot School” because CB is still a little young and purposeful play is all over the place, but she sure does LOVE exploring!! I am planning to post once a week about what we are doing in Tiny Tot School. I haven’t chosen a specific day that my posts will be on so until then, just keep checking back for what we are doing around here! :)

cori and a few randoms 005

The other day I set up all the toys I wanted to use for Tot School at the moment. I thought it looked like Christmas morning! HAHA! CB LOVED it though!

You should see CB’s eyes light up when she plays with this Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table. There are so many cool features. She practices opening and closing, spinning and making noises, colors, shapes, reading, turning pages .. the list goes on and on! Not to mention, she gets a lot of practice standing and cruising from one side of the table to another.  Cori & Amber 004Cori & Amber 006











Cori & Amber 007 Here she is even practicing moving from one table to another!

We also love our Playschool Poppin’ Pals. She does a GREAT job of closing the lids but hasn’t figured out how to pop the animals out again. Once all the lids are closed, she pushes the toy aside. We will get there!

Cori & Amber 034 This is a picture of her playing with one at her friends house. We have the one I linked up above.

One night we had Tiny Tot School in the bath tub! We have a slew of ocean animal bath toys. I’m not sure where these toys are from or what they are called (they were a shower gift from before CB was born), but they are FABULOUS!! Each animal has a hole somewhere on it’s body for water to squirt out. She loves squeezing them and feeling the water hit her hands. Some of them are textured which makes for great fun – especially when they enter her mouth!

Cori porch pics & tot school 051

Cori porch pics & tot school 053












Cori porch pics & tot school 049

Cori porch pics & tot school 056

Cori porch pics & tot school 050

We also have some great little cups – all different sizes and each one fits inside the other. LOVE that! The edges are textured as well. I wonder why she would want to put those edges in her mouth?!?! :)

Cori porch pics & tot school 061When she was all done, she climbed on up the side of the tub! How cute!!! :)

After we got into our PJ’s, we had some time on the floor to roll a few balls back and forth! Well, actually, there wasn’t much rolling going on where CB was sitting, but I rolled them over to her at least! 

Cori porch pics & tot school 062 

Cori porch pics & tot school 063

Cori porch pics & tot school 064












Then, I put all the balls into a basket. She worked so hard getting each one out individually!

Cori porch pics & tot school 067 

and tasting them too…

Cori porch pics & tot school 070

When all the balls were out, she grabbed her binkie, and headed over to her Leap Frog Table one last time before bed.

Cori porch pics & tot school 076

It sure was a fun week in Tiny Tot School! Hope to see you next week! :)


Casa de Sutton said...

I love her learning so much :) She'll be ready for the co op before we know it!

Our Country Road said...

Looks like a lot of fun! We have the star stacker-one of my favorites. Mini Cooper loves bath time toys, too. CB looks like she is having a lot of fun with the squirters. Welcome to Tot School!

Dan! said...

"Is this toy edible? No. Maybe this one? No. How about this ball over here, can I eat that? No." I think she's trying to say she'd like to branch out from the Paula Deen green goo. Looks like you're having fun! Oh, and Happy Birthday Dave!