Thursday, November 3, 2011


The girls were black cats for Halloween this year. I thought it was an appropriate costume considering CB  L O V E S cats! I don’t think her daddy will ever let her have one. Ok, I probably won’t either so I shouldn’t blame it on him! :) But seriously, every time she sees a cat it’s, “titty, titty” for D A Y S!! So, kitty’s they were!

It really was an easy costume to make – black leotards, black leggings, a black tutu that I made with a sweet tail hanging in the back, and felt ears sewed onto a black head band. Doesn’t get much easier than that! CB was sort of afraid of her black tutu when I tried to put it on her a few days prior to Halloween. We had to talk and talk and talk about being a kitty. Finally we got her excited about it and she wore it!! Wahoo! Now, drawing those whiskers on her face was another battle, but we finally convinced her that it made her look more like a kitty! Just check this sweet girl out! I do L O V E this picture of us!!!

Halloween 2011 073ps


We went to Westside Baptist Church for an event called Trunk-or-Treat. There were two rows of cars set up with their trucks decorated and people handing out candy. There were games to play and balloons to get. It was the perfect atmosphere for Halloween. I think I like it much better than going door to door. It certainly was a family fun event for everyone! It was also really nice to spend the evening as a family. Dave has been traveling so much lately and I really enjoyed getting to spend time with him and my girls.

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Finley did a great job just hanging out in the stroller. And, Cori had a blast! At first she was a little timid about the whole candy thing. I don’t think she quite understood the concept at first. But it only took a few car trunks for her to get it and then she was SO excited to fill her pumpkin bag with candy! We had a great time and we even got the kids home and in bed only a few minutes past bedtime! What a perfect night!


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Carrie said...

SO SO SO cute, Danielle! Pat yourself on the back, momma. The costumes were darlin' :)