Friday, November 11, 2011

What I Love about YOU … week 18 & 19

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week 18 & 19

Pumpkin Patch 099ps


  • That you are growing at a GREAT pace! We went in for your 4 month doctors visit this week and you are currently 12.8 lbs (WOW!!) and 24.4 inches long. We did have a great time at the office and even snapped some pictures of all 3 of us hanging out in the room. OH, how I love my girls!!

  • The way holding your hand in the car brings you peace. Those sweet fingers wrapped around mine bring me so much joy!


  • How interactive you are getting and how much you smile. Your face literally LIGHTS UP when anyone talks to or smiles at you. This picture doesn’t do your smile justice, but it is a cute one! :)

more green jeep 010ps

  • Your sweet, laid back personality. You really only get upset when when you’re hungry or tired. Or, when you get a fever from shots and don’t seem to feel well – like the last two days! :( .. Otherwise,  you fit very well into your surroundings and take it all in. Could it be because your sister is like a tornado and all you can do is just watch her in disbelief?! HA! J/K, Cori Belle. :)


  • That we broke out the "Green Jeep” this week and you seem to love it! We never got an excersaucer with Cori so we don’t have one for you to play in either. But, we do have the green jeep and it has wheels!! You thoroughly enjoyed your big sister pushing you around the house and you LOVED getting to be in on the excitement last night as daddy cooked dinner while Cori Belle danced in the kitchen. Can I just say that I  L O V E my family?!?!

more green jeep 005ps

  • Breaking out the warmer clothes and how cute you look in a hoodie (with a bow of course!). It’s getting a little bit chilly these days!

  • Those sweet hairs on your head!


  • Rocking you to sleep at night. I always enjoy this time with my babies. It certainly won’t last forever! My rocking days are long gone with Cori Belle and I’m so glad I get to spend time rocking you! I also love how your body seems to rest in my arms as I sing, “Jesus Loves Me” to you each night before bed. Precious.


  • Watching you taste ice cream for the first time! YUM! You seemed pretty indifferent about it.


I  L O V E you dear one!!



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