Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Miss Finley

I had to add in one more post today about my sweet Finley Grace. She is growing so fast and has had a great week of learning new skills! I’ve been really working on rolling back to front with her. CB had started rolling back to front by now, and not that I need to compare them by any means, but I figured I’d at least start practicing with Finley! :)

On Monday of this week were were hanging out on the floor for some tummy time. She was laying on her back and I was stacking blocks next to her. All of the sudden she decided that she wanted to help me with that block stacking because she picked up her left arm, reached it across her body to where the blocks were, and in an instant she rolled over to her belly as she was reaching for that block!! I thought maybe it was a fluke so I put her down on her back again… and she rolled over again!!! I LOVE when babies learn a new skill. Go Finley!!

To top off all that rolling madness – we did some practice sitting up today. I sat her up with the Boppy around her to give her some support. After a few minutes of that, I took the Boppy away to see if she could stay sitting on her own. She did a terrific job! I wouldn’t say she is 100% stable and I definitely won’t let her try sitting on the tile by herself, but she sure is doing great!! Check out these pictures of my sweet girl…


with Boppy support


projects 017ps

with out Boppy support

Don’t you just love that beautiful smile?!


Cori Belle thought she would practice sitting too! I’ve actually been teaching her how to stretch. She was practicing her butterfly here! :) So serious!

projects 022ps


And of course, some SWEET sister love is always one of my favorite things!!

projects 036ps

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