Friday, November 4, 2011

A Visit from the North

We spent last weekend in Tampa with a few family members we rarely get to see! Casey and Rebecca have been living in Minnesota for a few years now and we only get to see them about twice a year. I think that’s going to be the hardest part about our move for Fellowship – not getting to see family as much as we’d like.

We normally see them at the beach in June and for either the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday. This year they came down for Halloween! Casey actually had a boat show to attend in Ft. Lauderdale that they boys got to go to over the weekend, but it was nice that it fell in line with Halloween. Even though we didn’t actually get to spend Halloween with them, it was a great visit!

This was the first time all  F O U R  grandkids were together!! It was so much fun to see them running around together! We spent one morning trying to get all of them sitting together. I think I took 20 or so pictures of them on the couch and this was the best one, even though no one is looking at my camera! I think Cori and Taylor look adorable! Of course, the babies do too, but it’s always hard to capture the smiling face of a 4 month old on camera. :)

Halloween 2011 026ps

Cori Belle, Finley Grace, Jona Lily, & Taylor Ryan


Taylor and Cori got to eat breakfast together on the morning of Halloween before we had to head back to Gainesville. They were so sweet in their skeleton shirts!!

Halloween 2011 036ps


We then attempted one final photo shoot of the 3 of them on the couch. HA! Finley kept falling over onto Taylor. Taylor would try to crawl out of the way. And, Cori sat on the edge of the couch playing with Yaya’s bracelets. NO ONE cared to be photographed!

Halloween 2011 045ps

Halloween 2011 046ps















I did get a sweet picture of Taylor … (don’t mind Finley’s feet in the background! We were trying to get her to ride on Taylor’s back! HA!)

Halloween 2011 048ps


And, a sweet picture of Cori Belle …

Halloween 2011 050ps


Even though it was a short visit, it was so wonderful to see them! I can’t wait until the next time all the kiddos get to be together again!

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