Friday, October 28, 2011

What I Love about YOU … week 15-17

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week 15-17

SO much fun!! 198 ps crop2


  • Seeing you and that sweet sister of yours together! She loves playing with you and helping me take care of you! Yesterday we were in the post office and you were N O T happy. Cori held your paci in your mouth and put her face up against your face to help calm you down. Talk about melting a mama’s heart!

SO much fun!! 046 ps

  • That you are more and more interested in your toys! You love playing with this butterfly (as did your sister!) and you enjoy a good laugh at that monkey that hangs on your tummy time mat.

SO much fun!! 177 ps

SO much fun!! 173 ps

SO much fun!! 174 ps

SO much fun!! 026 ps

  • This picture of you talking to the singing bear. You thought he was SO cool! :) Mommy thought it was so cute!

SO much fun!! 064 ps

  • Seeing you practice standing up! Look how strong you are!

family! 020ps

  • That you choose to sleep on your side. You are still swaddled (we are using the woombie now and I really like it!), but you can get your hands up enough to suck on them without escaping. So, you sleep on your left side sucking on those hands. Daddy thinks you’re ready to stop being swaddled, but I’m not so sure!
  • Those sweet hands of yours! Apparently you love them too! HA!

family! 008 ps

  • Sweet family pictures with you in them!

SO much fun!! 168ps crop

  • Your squeals of laughter! You love when people talk to you and you love talking back to them.
  • Putting BIG bows on your head!! I normally make them, but this bow came in a pack of two at Wal-Mart for only $2.50. Can’t beat that!

family! 002 ps

  • How truly B E A U T I F U L you are!! And, sweet sister L O V E!

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family! 023ps

I opened my email last week to see a message from Gerber about my 16 WEEK OLD baby! Well, sweet one, you are 17 weeks old today. I know I say it every week, but seriously, where does the time go?! You will officially be 4 months old this upcoming Tuesday. Oh, how I  L O V E you!

Every time I do a “What I Love about YOU” post, I always go back to see what Cori Belle was doing around this time. She was already rolling from back to front and had stopped being swaddled. You are almost there, sweet one. She was also sleeping in her crib by now, but you, my dear, still get to sleep in our room. That’s because mommy isn’t quite ready to put you in your sisters room over night yet. We are still working on napping together! And, Miss Cori has shown us that she can now climb into your crib! I’m a little afraid of waking up to TWO girls in the SAME bed! No, thank you! … Cori also got to taste ice cream for the first time around this age. Next time we go to Chick-fil-a, I promise to let you try! :)

On a side note, the day before I posted about Cori’s 14-17 week post, I saw that I posted about a fabulous praise and worship song called, “Our God Saves.” That makes me smile because that’s the same song I’ve been singing around our house for the past few days. Oh, how I love the way God works. I’m so blessed to know Him and I pray that you know Him too. Until next time…

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