Saturday, October 8, 2011

What I love about YOU … 12-14 weeks

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You turned 3 months old on the first of the month. I’m loving this age with you. I’m a little sad to see the newborn stage go, but am excited to see you grow. I’m also loving the sleep I get now too! I can honestly say that I fall more in love with you everyday. I don’t know how my heart can grow in love for you and Cori so much, but it just does. You melt my heart and I just can’t get enough of you. Oh, how I love you!



  • That you are more alert and awake each day.
  • Having you sit with us at the dinner table in your Bumbo.
  • That after being awake literally ALL day at the Neptune Festival in VA Beach, you finally passed out in my arms as I rocked you in a white rocking chair by the beach. Your daddy had gone to get the car and it was just the 2 of us. It was certainly a beautiful moment.
  • Seeing you and your cousin Jona together. You girls are just 3 weeks apart and I can’t wait when you can sit and play together for real!

Ya’ll were holding hands here. So sweet!

  • That when you’re really tired and pass out in my arms, you put one hand over your face like a damsel in distress. Your sister did the same thing.
  • How much you love bath time and how sweet you look in those PJ’s afterwards!

Tampa Trip 044

Tampa Trip 046

  • Your BIG, wide mouth grins!! You truly have a beautiful smile!
  • How you rub your eyes when you wake up and nestle your little face into my shoulder.
  • That you were snuggling with this bunny the other night. We bought this bunny at Ikea when your sister was a few months old. She never really attached to it. Maybe you will. :)

Tampa Trip 050

  • How you LOVE being in the K’tan.
  • How infatuated you are with your hands!
  • Watching you watch your sister. You are always wondering what that girl is up to! In this picture, she decided to lay her baby doll right next to you and cover you both up!

Norfolk, VA 001

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