Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Before I get into the blog post I had planned for today, I just want to take a minute to share a little bit about my day to day. I have been trying to get up every morning between 5 and 5:30. It’s early, I know, and I don’t even have a real job to get ready for. Last week I managed to get up at 5am three days in a row. Then there were a few days when sleep deprivation got the best of me. Today was another early morning. I share this with you because on those early mornings that I do get up, I sit down with my cup of coffee and the Word of God. I can’t even begin to tell you how G O O D it feels to have that special time with the Lord. You see, I may not have a real job to get ready for in the mornings anymore, but I have a different kind of “job” that’s SO much more I M P O R T A N T – raising my children. That time with the Lord renews my mind and spirit with patience for the day. My attitude changes and my heart longs to please the Lord so deeply. Those are things I C A N N O T do on my own. God clothes me with his strength, his peace, his patience, his love, his gentleness … I don’t know any other way to prepare for the day that is better than a little time with the Lord. So, I encourage you. Dwell on the Lord first thing in the morning. I guarantee you will see a difference in your day. God bless you!



It’s beginning to feel very much like F A L L around our neck of the woods! The temperatures are dropping and jackets are needed. My air has been off for over a week and the door to the back porch has been open to feel the cool breeze. I’m loving it! With the fall comes a trip to the pumpkin patch. We have been to the patch for a little pumpkin fun for the past two weekends now and my girl has been loving it. She has now added “hay ride”, “pumpkin”, and “scarecrow” to her repertoire of words (which grows of about 5 new words/phrases DAILY!!)

Our first trip to the patch was with our playgroup. Last year the kids were so small. We could just sit them all on a pumpkin (where they would stay) and take photos of them. Cori was crawling then. This year was SO different as they R A N around the patch. It was a bit more of a difficult task to corral them for pictures!

Here they are L A S T year.

IMG_2106 ps


And, here they are T H I S year.



Can you believe the difference?! Oh, they grow SO fast!!  I remember that we all went back to Jen’s house after the patch last year and that’s when I told the playgroup that I was pregnant with Finley. W O W! Speaking of sweet Finley, here is a picture of my T W O girls, who I just completely adore!!

SO much fun!! 128 ps


Cori had a spent a great deal of time playing in the play house with her friends while Finley took a snooze.

SO much fun!! 113 ps

SO much fun!! 093 ps
















The following weekend we headed back to the Pumpkin Patch for a little family fun! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love my family of F O U R!! They are so precious to me! Here are some pictures of our day!

Pumpkin Patch 049 ps

Pumpkin Patch 013 ps

Pumpkin Patch 022 ps

Pumpkin Patch 087 ps

Pumpkin Patch 084 ps


Aren’t they just the two most A D O R A B L E girls you’ve ever seen?!?! I’m only a bit partial! :) It was such a fun day together as a family. After the patch, we enjoyed a nice family lunch at no place other than, Moes! I swear they know us by name there! HA!

Until next time.

Happy Fall!

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