Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Interview Season Continues

It’s hard to believe that David is on the tail-end of his interviews for fellowship. 8 are done and he has 3 to go. The day after we got home from our trip to Virginia, he loaded himself up in a rental car and started another full week of interviews! He drove from Tampa to Charlotte, Charlotte to Birmingham, Birmingham to Atlanta where he hopped on a plane to Kansas City, then continued on from Kansas City to DC, DC to Orlando, where I finally picked him up after a grueling week of 5 interviews in 5 days! It really wasn’t that grueling, but it was definitely a FULL week! Luckily my momma came to stay with me while David was gone so I didn’t have to endure a week alone with the kiddos. THANK YOU mom!! It was so nice to have the company!

Each night after David’s interview, we would talk on the phone and I would add each program to our spread sheet we‘ve got going on to help with the ranking process. It’s a lot of info and it’s going to be a tough decision!

The Sunday after David returned, we both hopped on a plane (with Finley in tow – CB got to go to Sea World with her grandparents! Lucky girl!) to fly to Louisville, KY. I will say that I stepped off the plane there and had a feeling that we were “home.” I’m doing lots of praying about what that might mean. There is also a program that Dave has extremely good feelings about. We are praying about that too. But there are 3 more to go and we will just have to wait and see. I know God already has the place picked out.



It was nice to have another “mini vacation” with David and Finley in Louisville. It was a GREAT city! The same guy that designed Central Park in NY, designed 6 parks in Louisville. We spent a good deal of time driving around and it was the neatest thing to see so many people outside with their families walking and jogging on a random Monday evening. It seems like a very healthy, family friendly town.

The city is built along the river that separates Kentucky from Indiana. Our first night there we walked along the river at one of the parks. It was beautiful!! The bridge you see in the pictures below is actually a pedestrian bridge. So cool! And, the land you see across the river .. is Indiana!

Lousiville 019

Lousiville 024


Here is another beautiful picture as the sun was setting…

Lousiville 025


Finley and I spent some time hanging out in the hotel room while David interviewed all day. I have to admit, it was so peaceful and relaxing!! I needed that!


I’m glad to be home and getting back into our normal life routine. I feel like we been going and going for some time now! The kids and I are done with our interview travels, but David has 3 more to go … Dallas, Charlotte, and Phoenix. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we make a decision about where God wants us to go for Fellowship. And, if you have any insight into any of the cities we are considering, please share!! I’ll be updating on the final 3 shortly!!

Until next time…

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