Friday, September 16, 2011

What I love about YOU … week 10 & 11

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  • Gazing into your eyes while you coo and smile at me!

Girls in Pink 028 ps

  • The way your face lights up when our eyes make contact with one another.
  • Funny faces like these! You LOVE to stick out your tongue. So did your sister! :) That bottom picture is one of mommy’s FAVOTITES!!!

Girls in Pink 042 ps

Girls in Pink 078 ps

Girls in Pink 056 ps

  • That you love looking at books already! You love to talk to the characters on the page!

girls on the couch 002 ps

  • That you always sleep on your back with your knees bent.
  • That you and your sister take a long nap at the SAME TIME!! 12:30-3 almost everyday! It gives mommy a nice break! A.K.A – time to do chores, blog, work Premier, read, etc!
  • Your neck strength! You’re pretty content sitting on your belly, holding your head up, and watching your surroundings for a good 15 minutes. I also LOVE these pictures of you in PINK! I’m such a girl! ha!
Girls in Pink 044 ps


  • How easy going you are! You seem to just roll with it on most days and really only get upset when you are tired or hungry.
  • Sweet pictures of you!

Girls in Pink 024 ps

Girls in Pink 030 ps

  • Your leg strength. You do love to stand!
  • Seeing this in the morning as mommy gets ready for the day. You and your sister hanging out together!

girls on the couch 006 ps

oh, and this one too…

Girls in Pink 064 ps

  • How simply BEAUTIFUL you are to us! We LOVE you!!

Girls in Pink 047 ps

Girls in Pink 096 ps

Apparently mommy took A LOT of pictures the day you were wearing that sweet hot pink “cuddle me” onesie. So many that you tried to warn me when you were getting tired. Unfortunately, mommy didn’t listen and it turned out like this… oops!

Girls in Pink 086 ps

Girls in Pink 088 ps

I LOVE you!


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