Thursday, September 22, 2011

Swimming in September

That’s one thing I love about living in Florida. You can pretty much swim year round. Last Friday Cori, Finley, and I headed over to our friend’s pool for a play date. We used to get together with these friends EVERY Friday for a play date, but somehow life has gotten the best of us and we haven’t ALL been together in months!

All us girls met back when our kiddos were a few weeks old. Well, actually, Em and I were already friends from church. Jen and I had met previously at Abiding Savior pre-school. But, small details! We ALL started hanging out together when Cori was 9 weeks old and their kiddos were 4 weeks old. Time flies. I do LOVE these girls!!

me, Jen, Em, and Jules


The kids had a grand ‘ole time playing together! It’s hard to believe they are almost 2. We tried our best to snap a picture of them all looking at the camera and this is what we got… True children, they are! I love the bottom picture with Claire completely turned around! She was WAY more interested in the rocks behind her than the 4 crazy mammas making faces in front of her trying to take her picture!


Cori probably sees Aaron the most since Jen and I are both stay-at-home mommas and Julie and Em are working women! :) You can just see their love and adoration for one another! I love hearing Aaron scream “Cor-ee, Cor-ee.” It’s so stinkin’ cute!


Even Finley got in on the fun for the day! It was her FIRST time in the pool. Yes, that’s right. I put a bathing suit and sunscreen on my 11 week old! I know it’s not “recommended” but it’s better than her being left out of the fun or getting burnt! :) She LOVED it! And, was completely pooped afterwards!















I tried to get a picture of me and my girls, but like children do, neither one looked at the camera. I sure hope we can make it to the pool a few more times before the water gets too cold. We had a blast!

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Carrie said...

Finley is getting so big, Danielle! Looks like y'all had a great time.