Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feeling Inspired!

I have found a new blog that I an in L O V E with!! Partly because it’s colorful, organized, fun, and has TONS of super cute home/organization ideas!! If I lived any where near the girl who writes on this blog, I definitely think we’d be friends! :) Maybe we should move to her home town for fellowship! Too bad I think it’s somewhere SUPER cold!! Anywho, I think you should definitely check it out – It’s called IHeart Organizing.  Those of you who truly know me are smiling and shaking your head just by reading the name of that blog because you know me and you know that I’m obsessed with organization. I’m thinking about you Stephanie Whitehurst because you’ve seen my classroom! HA! :) But wait until you take a look at her blog and see all the COLOR. That’s so me, too!

But, Jen (the girl from IHeart Organizing – yes,we are on a first name basis! HA!), seriously takes the cake when it comes to crafty ideas and organization. My friend Kristy is the one who introduced me to this blog. She knew I would love it and she was SO right! I’ve been reading it daily and catching up on some of her older posts too. What inspired me today was her post about packing lunches and snack organization.



Now I don’t have kids lunches to pack, but I could help in the “packing my husbands lunch” department a little. And the snack organization would be so helpful when my daughter wants me to refill her bowl of “boof boof” (gold fish) 20 thousand times a day! Instead I could just hand her a little baggy with her gold fish snack already portioned. Such a grand idea! And, how cute would a little basket look in my pantry with tons or organized snacks! Be still my heart! :)

My second wave of inspiration came when I found a site called Pinterest. You may have heard of it, but it was new news to me!! It’s basically a virtual pin board where you can “'pin” all your grand ideas from pictures you’ve seen floating around online. I don’t know about you, but Dave and I cut pictures out of magazines for inspiration on our dream home we hope to build one day. We actually have a file in our filing cabinet where all these cut outs are stored. Now, I can virtually cut them out and pin them online! Sweet! Why didn’t I think of that?!? My pin board is a little dull at the moment seeing as I just created it yesterday and haven’t really had the time to do some picture inspiration searching, but if you want to feel inspired, just check out Jen’s Pinterest Board. It’s AWESOME!

And finally, Jen from IHeart Organizing, just announced that she will be full time blogging from here on out. Full time blogging?! I don’t know how you get that job, but I want it! Of course I LOVE what I do working for Premier and selling jewelry. But, I’d love to get paid to blog too! Can I do both? Pretty please?! I mean I only have 34 followers (love to all you followers of mine!) but Jen has 4855 followers! Woah! A girl can dream, right?!

Anyway, I hope I’ve inspired you a little bit today. I can’t wait to organize my pantry! There really is something about organizing closets, cabinets, pantry’s, drawers, and all things hidden that make my heart skip a beat. I know, I’m weird! I better hop to it! Happy Organizing!


Surrounded-By-Boys said...

you're not weird! I LOVE TO ORGANIZE!! If I could have a dream job, it would be a professional organizer!

Ryan and Missy said...

Hey, just go to 'monetize' under the design button on your blog and you can allow adds to be posted on your blog to make money! Maybe you can make a 2nd blog with crafts and ideas and allow adds on that blog! You are full of crafty ideas, recipes and all sorts of mommy things! Just a thought!

Danielle said...

A professional organizer sounds fun to me! :) ... And, thanks for the suggestion Missy! Much appreciated! :)

Danielle said...

PS -- I ALWAYS wanted to set up classrooms and organize them for a living. I'd still LOVE to do that if any teachers out there need/want some help in that department!!! :)