Monday, September 12, 2011

Birth Announcement

Well, it’s only 10 weeks late! HA! We had Finley’s newborn pictures taken when she was 2 weeks old and never seemed to get the chance to sit down and create her birth announcement. But, here it is!!


Finley's Birth Announcement


I am in love with it and almost feel like we need to re-do Cori Belle’s, but I’m sure each one will be different with each child. The greatest thing about this announcement is that David made it. He is SO good like that. I find something online that I like and he re-creates it even better than the original! Thank you for taking the time to make this, honey!! It turned out BEAUTIFUL! 

We are only sending them out to our immediate families since they’re getting out so late, but it’s here on the blog for all to see! Hope you like it! Finley is such a sweet, loving, and easy going baby. We are truly BLESSED and so IN LOVE all over again!


The Helms Family said...

Sounds just like me with Bryson! We were about the 10 to 12 week mark before we sent them out. Everything's a little slower after the second one :)

Carrie said...

Such sweetness, Danielle! I love it.