Sunday, August 14, 2011


We have the same routine every morning. Finley wakes up around 6 to nurse, then goes back to sleep. I have some quiet time (or go back to sleep – depending how the night went) and Cori wakes around 8. I walk into her room every morning and switch her lullaby CD off and turn the Joy FM on. I change her, get her a cup of milk, make her breakfast, and sit down at the table with her to eat. During breakfast, we always dance. We sway back and forth as the Christian radio station fills our house and I pray she gets a little closer to Jesus each morning.

This morning as our routine unfolded, David Crowder’s, Oh Praise Him came on the radio. Cori started swaying and then all the sudden lifted her hands high as if she was truly praising Jesus. David and I aren’t the hand raising kind during worship, not to say that we wouldn’t if we really felt the spirit moving in us. But this morning, Cori was feeling the spirit!

Birthday 038


Child-like faith is truly amazing. Cori asks to pray before every meal and before she goes to sleep each night. Actually, she asks to pray all throughout the day and always makes sure we pray for daddy and baby. She clasps her hands together and bows her head. She chooses her bible to read each night over any other book in the house – and believe me, we’ve got A LOT! She sees my bible on the counter every morning when she gets up and if I don’t finish my quiet time before she gets up, sometimes I will read to her during breakfast. She knows without a doubt that I’m reading about Jesus. She LOVES the song about Zacchaeus and Jesus Loves Me. When she is disobedient and is disciplined, she asks to pray afterward. If only we could all have faith like a child.

Train up and child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

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I LOVE this! how sweet it is indeed!