Tuesday, August 16, 2011

28 is oh so GREAT!

Well, on August 11th, I turned 28! Hard to believe 28 years have gone by and I’m now a wife of 5 years and a momma of 2 girls. Wow! Where does the time go, seriously?!?! My birthday started out with flowers (yellow, my favorite accent color), a sweet card from my hubby, and time with my amazing family of 4! David had the morning off and we got to have lunch together before he headed into work. And, where do you think we went?? MOES!! They give you free lunch on your birthday! Score!!

Birthday 026


Unfortunately, David had to work from 1pm Thursday until Friday morning at 6am. Tis the life of a resident! I, on the other hand, got to hang out with my BFF Kristy, whose birthday is on the 12th, and all of our friends! Since Kristy turned 30 this year, we decided to throw ourselves a joint birthday party at her house! We themed it a “Little Black Dress” party (although I decided to wear blue!) and everyone got dressed up and accessorized with nothing other than Premier Jewelry!!! It was SO much fun!! We had cupcakes, cake pops, buffalo dip, cherry limeade, and chocolate wine. Oh, and did I mention a tough game of charades?!? Kristy put up pictures of us around her house for the party and boy, did we look YOUNG in one of them! Oh, how the years go by! Kristy and I celebrate our birthdays together every year and it’s always something I look forward to! Here are a few pictures from our party!


IMG_7768 ps

Cupcakes and Cake Pops – YUM!



The birthday girls!! Think we could be sisters? YES!



The picture to the left is the one I was talking about where we look SOOOOO young!!



Stephanie, Jess, Laura, & Carrie munching on Cake Pops!


IMG_7778 crop

IMG_7782 crop















Hannah used Elin as a prop in Charades and Carrie was trying to get everyone to guess, “Karaoke Night”


















Finley wore her little black dress too, but she was NOT happy in this picture!! She was hungry!! … Thankfully, Evie came to the rescue and fed her a bottle!



Jen, me and Em – my playgroup friends (minus Julie!!) Jen is pregnant with #2 and I’m so excited to expand our playgroup!!



me and Hannah – Hannah is a first year resident in peds who just moved here! She is so sweet! I’m so glad she got to party with us!




A serious picture and a fun picture! Remember those?!? In the fun picture everyone was pointing to the “birthday girls.” It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Another birthday tradition of mine is eating at the Melting Pot. I LOVE cheese fondue and the whole experience of that delicious restaurant!! So, on Friday night, Dave and I got dressed up and made the drive to Ocala to fulfill my birthday wishes. Mmmm, heaven! :) Not only was it heaven to eat there, but it was heaven spending time with JUST David. It was our first night out together without the kids since Finley was born!!

Birthday 033


I also got a special surprise for my birthday… a new laptop!! I have been needing a new laptop for sometime now, especially with all the work I do with Premier. It’s been a good month so far with jewelry sales – so good that we had a little extra cash for me to get a laptop! Thank you Premier Designs Jewelry! I LOVE my job!!

laptop 009

28 is going to be a GREAT year! How can it not be, considering eight and great rhyme?! HA! Thanks to everyone who called, texted, FB messaged, and sent cards. Ya’ll are truly amazing!


Immeasurably More Mama said...

How did I not know this was a "Little Black Dress" party?!?! There I am in a sea of black wearing BROWN! Oh, well. It was a lot of fun no matter what I was wearing. :)

Stephanie said...

I am so GLAD you had a wonderful Birthday! A wonderful person like deserves a special day!!

Danielle said...

HA! No worries Mandi! I wore blue and I helped theme the party! :)

AMW said...

So fun!!! What a great birthday! We were in the mountains on your bday & I was wearing some layered tank tops with one of my long premier necklaces (like I've seen you do a hundred times) and I asked Lauren if I looked like you! :) She said, "well according to facebook, it's her birthday, so you're honoring her today!" Ha...