Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jewelry Queen

The other day CB got into what used to be my jewelry box. Since I now sell Premier, I have so much more jewelry and have to store it in my closet. Under my sink, I still have all my “costume” jewelry. Ya know, the kind that looks really pretty, but doesn’t hold up too well! :) High Fashion Jewelry is so much better!! Especially when it’s Premier!! But anyway. Enough with the sales pitch. HA! Here are those cute pictures of my little girl .. the jewelry queen! :)

ISR graduate 004

ISR graduate 005














ISR graduate 006


She was working so hard to get that turquoise necklace together. Now that necklace isn’t costume jewelry. My college roommate actually made that necklace for me and it’s an all time favorite of mine!! Hope you think these pictures are as cute as I do!! :)

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Ryan and Missy said...

That's really adorable! Love you, CB!