Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Today would have been the start of my 7th year in the classroom. Can you believe that? Time flies. The students I taught my very first year are now entering HIGH SCHOOL! AH, I can’t believe it! It makes me feel SO old!!

So, as school began this year, I decided I’d start a little schooling here at home. Cori and I do Tot School off and on. We were a lot more regular before Finley was born, but then mommy hit survival mode! It’s starting to calm down a little bit around here as Finley gets a bit older and is on more of a schedule. So, I decided today we would have our very own “first day of school.” My goal is to actually get some plans done for Tot School this year so we can maintain more of a schedule as the year progresses. We are going to have so much fun!

This morning we sang songs at breakfast and read a bible story. Then, we got CB dressed for the day and took her “first day of school” picture! SO cute!!

first day of school 033

first day of school 040














I was reflecting on my “Morning Meeting” time from when I taught kindergarten to see what elements my almost 20-month old could grasp. I decided on weather. So, this morning our first school related activity was making weather cards. I think they turned out really cute!!

first day of school 042

first day of school 044













first day of school 045


Today in Gainesville, the weather was SUNNY and HOT!

first day of school 046


Then, we moved on to our first Tot Tray – Jumbles! I just bought these from the Home Goods store over the weekend and knew Cori would love them! She sure did! We counted with them and built with them today.

first day of school 049

first day of school 050














We spent about 45 minutes together and Cori had such a great time! I LOVE spending time learning with my little girl. Can’t wait for school time tomorrow!

first day of school 056

Until next time…

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