Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It’s official … it’s a GIRL!

baby 2 - girl 18 wks


At our 13 week ultrasound, the tech said she thought we would be having another girl. Well, today, at our 18 week check, our doctor confirmed that it was a girl indeed. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be the parents of sisters so close in age! We are praying that Cori is the loving big sister she is to her baby dolls – so sweet and caring. We pray that she takes her big sis role seriously and sets a Godly example for her little sister. We are also praying that her sweet sister looks up to her in so many ways.

Our sweet baby girl is healthy from head to toe. We are so thankful. Her bones are strong, her heart is in perfect condition, all of her organs are in place and she is growing perfectly. She is also quite the mover, much like her big sister! I have been feeling her move for about 2 weeks now and we got to see her move around A LOT today on the screen. I LOVED every minute of it!

Our doctor is absolutely WONDERFUL and so thorough in his descriptions. As he was spending time looking at each organ, he was talking to us about how each little thing has to form just right. SO MANY things have to happen just right for babies to be healthy. It made me stop and think about our Great Creator. The way a baby is formed is a complete miracle. A miracle that didn’t just happen one day. A miracle that didn’t come from a piece of matter somewhere. There is nothing spontaneous about the way we are formed in our mother’s womb. It’s a miracle from the works of someone Divine. It’s a miracle from God, our Great Creator. I don’t know how people can watch the way a baby grows from a small cell to human life and not believe in the wonders and works of God. Yet, there are people all over who chose not to. It’s mind boggling. We didn’t just happen by chance. We happened by the powerful and amazing hands of God. I pray that if you didn’t realize that before, you do now. Our God is truly an awesome God!

Thanking the Lord for the life growing inside of me and praying she stays just as healthy as can be!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17


Our Family for His Glory said...

Hurray!! How fun!! (We tried to find out yesterday the gender of our little one, but baby decided not to cooperate, so we might get to find out next month.) I'm so glad all is going well. It IS amazing how God crafts babies together!!

Matt and Christen said...

Yay! Congrats on another girl! That is super exciting. :) I love your reminder of an almighty creator. SO amazing the gift of life.

Casey and Rebecca said...

Thank heaven for little girls! We are happy for you both. :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Congrats on another sweet baby girl! It will be fun to have sisters so close in age. :)

Anonymous said...

We love her already! Can't wait to see sweet CB as a big sis. love, Em