Friday, February 4, 2011

Growing Up…

Today, Cori did something she has never done before. She pooped on the potty!! :) No, we aren’t potty training yet, but the moment arose and I seized it! HA!

Here’s the story … (It may be a little TMI for some, but it’s going in the family blog book of memories, so, sorry!) During lunch today Cori got this terrible look on her face and she began to make a few funny noises. As her mother, I know exactly what this means. So, I walked over to her highchair, asked her if she needed to go poopy, and told her that today we would poopy on the potty. I took her into the bathroom, stripped her of her bottoms, and placed her on the potty. Since we don’t have a toddler potty, I had to hold her on the potty the entire time. She clutched to my shoulders and hugged me as she cried. Apparently this pooping thing isn’t too comfortable for her at the moment. It’s all that 2% milk she is drinking!! I told her calmly that it was okay to poopy on the potty. A few moments later, she did it!! She was so surprised and even had to turn around to see where it went. She was very curious about this weird looking thing that you go potty on. It was pretty funny. Her daddy and I clapped and praised her and you should have seen her sweet face. To say she was proud of herself would be an understatement! She walked around clapping for herself for quite sometime after! Oh, what an exciting day!

Now, I know this doesn’t mean that she will poopy on the potty every time. She may do it every time I catch her attempting to go and can get her there in time. I am hoping the more we do it, the easier potty training will be, but we will see! Either way, my baby girl is growing up … way too fast!!


Laura said...

Yay for Cori!! Also, so excited to see that pic of healthy baby girl numero dos! Love you guys

john and melissa said...

That is really funny! We had a similar experience with Taylee while taking a bath she got the "look" on her face. We quickly plucked her from the tub and put her on the toilet. Sure beats having to pluck it from the tub.