Monday, February 21, 2011

Some GREAT Deals!!

Today I headed to Publix for my weekly grocery shopping trip. Boy, was it a good one! I’m always about saving money at the grocery store. Being that Dave is a resident and I stay at home with Cori & sell jewelry on the side, our grocery budget is TIGHT! Our ENTIRE budget is tight, but that’s another story! :) So, every week before I go to the grocery store I spend some time on a GREAT website called, which gives you the Publix weekly add with buy-one-get-ones, things on sale, AND COUPONS!!! Online coupons are linked by item and newspaper coupons are labeled so I know which Sunday and which insert to find them in. Whoever actually spends the time to post all that wonderful information is a SAINT in my book! I’m so thankful!

If you haven’t been grocery shopping yet this week, listen up!! There are some great deals out there! I spent $53.09 at Publix and SAVED $102.54!! Check out my groceries…


Cori soccer and other fun 051


Want to know how I did it? Well, I used a $15.00 off $75 competitor coupon from a local heal foods store. Progresso, Pillsbury, Hunts, Green Giant, and Totinos were all either BOGO (buy one get one) or on sale. I had multiple coupons (store, manufacturer, and competitor) for individual items, plus Publix was offering $5.00 off the purchase of 20 Progresso, Pillsbury, Hunts, Green Giant, and Totinos items. I bought 40 items (which means I used TWO $5.00 off 20 items coupons) to stock the pantry and boy is it STOCKED!! The best part was paying approximately $11.00 for all 40 items!! Oh, and Perdue chicken was on sale for $2.99 lb AND I had a $2.00 off coupon per package!! I bought 2 lbs. of chicken and paid 99 cents each! What a deal! Publix also paid me to buy Bertoli pasta sauce because it was BOGO and I had a store coupon plus a manufacturer coupon!! Can’t beat that!

Sometimes the act of couponing can be stressful and time consuming, but on weeks like this, I am re-energized and so EXCITED about coupons! After all, we would be eating straight beans and rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if it weren’t for those fabulous coupons that allow me to add some variety to our diet! I even got tons of fruit, cereal, lunch meat, cheese, ingredients to make 2 dinners that will last us all week, and so much more! Potato/broccoli soup & breaded chicken, and spaghetti and meatballs. YUM! I made the soup for dinner tonight and it turned out delicious!

Can’t wait for next weeks deals! :)


Carrie said...

That is soooo great! I am headed to Publix tomorrow!! And I'll be on the lookout for the cheap chicken ;)

ashley baker said...

please take me grocery shopping and teach me how to do this?!!

Danielle said...

Haha!! Sounds good Ashley! You let me know when! :)