Friday, February 18, 2011

Play Group

When Cori was 9 weeks old I began attending a Postpartum Luncheon for new moms with babies 4-16 weeks of age at a local hospital in town. Tuesday was the day I would make sure I actually got dressed and left the house with my sweet one to meet and interact with new moms just like me. And, the best part of all, FREE LUNCH! Wahoo! I was in!

I met some amazing moms at our Tuesday luncheon and a year later, we still get together every Friday to play. I LOVE them!! Today, we decided to meet up at the mall for lunch and take one year photos at Picture People. Cori is actually 5 weeks older than the rest of our play group, who were born back to back to back in early February. It has been such a blessing to have them in my life and I so enjoy getting together every week to have mommy time and play time for the kids. It’s so nice to have people to call during all the adjustments of being a first year mom who can encourage you and be right there with you. I remember the talks of, “how long should I let him/her cry it out before I intervene?” to “he/she isn’t sleeping through the night, what do I do?” to “what Sippy cup works best for you and when are you getting rid of the bottle altogether?” to “are you using whole milk or 2% now that they are one?” We have walked through every milestone together and have always been there to cheer one another on. I couldn’t have asked for a better play group! :)

So, here we are…


Me & Cori, Jen & Aaron, Julie & Brandon, Emily & Claire



I LOVE this picture because it highlights each of their sweet personalities… Aaron screaming and ready to play, sweet Claire smiling like always, Cori focused on the camera, and Brandon soaking it all in.

Oh,  how I love each and every one of those girls and their sweet children! I can’t wait for sweet Finley Grace to meet her big sister’s play group. Oh, yeah, that’s her name! :) Already half way through pregnancy and can’t wait to see her sweet face!


Matt and Christen said...

LOVE the name for your sweet baby girl!!! :) The pictures at Picture People are super cute.

Carrie said...

Cute, cute pictures!!! I love that you got involved with this group. I could have sooooo used them after having Allie Claire! Good friends who are in the same boat you are in is such a blessing!