Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Word…

bethI started a new bible study at church a few weeks ago. I just have to say that I am a bible study junkie! If there is a bible study, especially with Beth Moore, you can bet that I will be there! I have done LOTS of studies with Mrs. Beth, Esther being my all time FAVORITE, but I must say, this one is pretty good too. This bible study is all about David. Not my husband David, but rather King David from the bible! :) Beth Moore is only one of the teachers for this study. Pricilla Shirer and Kay Arthur are writers and speakers for this study too. I LOVE me some ladies from Deeper Still! If you don’t know what Deeper Still is, look it up!! It’s a weekend conference with Beth, Pricilla, and Kay and they have SO MUCH to say about the wonderful works of God. They are so knowledgeable it amazes me! I only WISH I could know as much as they do. Maybe one day I’ll get there.

The study began 2 weeks ago with Pricilla writing and speaking. She is a woman head over heels in love with our Lord and Savior. As she was writing her particular section of the study she talked a lot about her life as a mom with 2 small children. Oh, how I can relate, even if I only have 1 small child at the moment. Her section was all about being anointed by Christ, like King David was anointed by God. We don’t have to be a king to be anointed, we just simply have to have given our lives to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Anointed means to be given a divine empowerment to accomplish God’s purposes for our life. David’s anointing led him to be King. Our anointing may never be a title like that, but it’s still important. … I think the most important piece of information I got out of Pricilla’s section on anointing was seeing David return to God again and again for wisdom. David was anointed well before he even became King. In the midst of his waiting and even in the midst of his time as ruler, he never stopped seeking God’s presence for wisdom. David had a God consciousness. I need that too. God HAS to be the central focus of EVERYTHING in our life. From doing the dishes to creating a budget to spending time with my husband and children – God HAS to be the central focus. We must keep returning to God for wisdom on a daily basis, on a hourly basis, on a minute by minute basis. For if we are seeking Him, we have the divine empowerment to accomplish God’s purposes for our life. Amen to that! It’s such a reminder that God has specific direction for ME and MY LIFE. And, the more I know God, the more I will be able to hear Him. Oh, how that empowers me to spend more time in the Word.

Last night the study moved into Beth’s section, which is all about being transformed. Let me just stop and say the Beth can bring a WORD like no body’s business. That woman inspires me because of her deep desire to know and serve the Lord. As I was watching her speak last night, I thought about what it would have been like to grow up with someone like her as a mom or an aunt. Not that I don’t love my own mother and aunts (I most certainly do!!!) But being in the presence of Beth (even through video) feels a little to me like what it must be like to be in the presence of God. Although I am certainly not comparing her to God!! None of us are anywhere near! But, you know what I mean, right?!?

Anyway, since I got off on a little bit of a tangent there, let me get back on track! Last night, Beth spoke on God being conspicuous in US. Having a life transformed that when others look at your life, they don’t see you, but rather they see God. I was actually talking to David (my husband, this time, not the King) about this very thing the other day. We were talking about whether or not when people looked at our life, they saw Jesus. And, praying that they do. Because if they don’t, then we are certainly not living to accomplish God’s purposes in our life. Beth said something that stood out to me. She said, “God wants to do something in your life that makes HIM show up!” I thought that was profound. It goes right back to what Pricilla was saying about having that God consciousness.

Oh, Lord, please do something in my life that reflects YOU. Allow others to see YOU when they look at me. Help me to have a God consciousness when I wake in the morning, when I prepare breakfast, when I change diapers and wipe runny noses, when I play with my sweet daughter, when I interact with my amazing husband … in EVERYTHING that I do, Lord, let me do it for the divine empowerment to accomplish YOUR purposes for my life. Thank you for your Word. May it be reflected in me.

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oh girl--i LOVE me some pricilla shirer!!!