Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I love about you … week 50!

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week 50


  • Watching you take your very first steps this past week!! Since we posted about it a few days ago, you have been up walking from time to time. You are standing ALL THE TIME by yourself and yesterday I watched you let go of the ottoman and walk a few steps towards the kitchen totally unprompted!!! Go Cori!!

Cori pics 074I just LOVE this picture! I know it’s been in TWO posts now!

  • Reading books with you at bed time! We sit on the floor next to your book shelf so you can pick which book you’d like to read. You select your book, crawl into my lap, and sit so contently as I read. This week you have chosen to read your Storybook Bible every night! You LOVE when we get to the part about baby Jesus and stay on that page longer than any other!
  • Watching you push your truck around the house and make a “vroom,” “vroom,” sound as you go!

Cori winter clothes 021

  • That when I ask you what sound a cow makes you actually go, “moo.” So CUTE!!
  • Preparing for your 1st birthday party coming up on Sunday!
  • Eating popsicles! Although it’s a bit cold out for that at the moment, it was so cute to watch you at play group!

Cori popsicle eating

  • Hanging out with your BFF, Claire, and her mommy too! Yes, it was popsicle day! :)

the girls

  • That you officially became a cousin yesterday at 5:25 pm! Welcome baby Taylor!!
  • How stinkin cute you are!!! :) I had just pulled a Carter’s tag off a new shirt and you instantly grabbed it to examine the baby on the tag.

Cori pics 023

  • How much you love babies (real or fake)! I can’t wait for you to get your new baby doll for Christmas! :)
  • Watching you talk on the phone. You hold it up to your ear and jibber jabber something to the imaginary person on the other end. The other day I found you texting! Haha! Too funny!

Cori pics 005

Cori pics 001















  • Your obsession with your paci’s – STILL!! You only use one when you’re tired or going to sleep. But, I can only imagine what it will be like when we try to take them away one day! Eeek! … You cannot get out of your crib in the morning without picking them all up and showing them to me! :)

Cori pics 018

  • Your sad faces .. they are just so SAD! :(  but kind of cute too! :)

Cori pics 028

Cori pics 032














  • That you consistently chug from your Sippy-cup now and have been for the last few weeks! You are loving that water!
  • That you are getting so much better about drinking your milk from a bottle. Mommy officially stopped nursing last week because baby #2 decided he or she needed my milk supply! It was super difficult to get you to take formula 3 times a day from a bottle, but now you are a champ! We’ll see what happens when we switch to regular milk in a few weeks!

Two more weeks until you officially turn ONE! I can’t believe it! You are the most precious girl I have ever laid eyes on! I LOVE you!!

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