Monday, December 13, 2010

We’re Walking!!

David and I have been spending a lot of time “practicing” and teaching Cori to walk. She gets better at standing on her own day by day and the other day took 2 steps to get from the ottoman to me. I was super excited!!! So, today, as we were hanging out in her room, we decided another practice session was in order.

We started out holding her hands and helping her walk back and forth between us. Finally, we got her standing on her own. We had to tell her to clap her hands to get her to stand on her own so she wouldn’t hold onto our hands. She got a kick out of that. The kid LOVES to clap!! Here is a precious picture of her standing all by herself!! She is so proud of herself! Melt my heart!!

Cori pics 074

After some standing and clapping, we got her to take a few steps to her daddy. She did such a GREAT job!! I was literally tearing up watching her take those first steps. I’m tearing up as I write about it! My baby is growing up and she amazes me more and more everyday!!

The first video is of her first few steps! So sweet!! The second video is of her letting us know that practice was over and nap time needed to begin! I hope you like them as much as her daddy and I do!! :)

Cori Walking at 11 mo
Cori worn out after walking.


Oh, how I LOVE my sweet girl!! :)


Laura said...

What a cutie!! So proud of her!! :)

AMW said...

Yay! Cori!!! What a big girl! I love the picture of her standing! So proud of herself! That's just precious!