Monday, December 6, 2010

Tiny Tot School

~CB is currently 11 months old~



Cori and I really got back into the swing of Tot School last week. I bought some jingle bells at Michaels and they were a hit!

First, we just played with them on the floor. Cori is a big time sharer and she loves to give you things. In fact, she get's very offended if you don’t take what she wants you to have! So, what did she want to do with those jingle bells? Give them back to me of course!

Cori New 12-2 004


After she handed me every single bell, I introduced a tupperware container. She put all the bells into the container. After each bell went in, she made sure to clap for herself! :)

Cori New 12-2 009

Cori New 12-2 010














Once they were all in, I put the lid on the container and showed her how to shake it to make lots of fun noise. She liked that!!

Cori New 12-2 014

Cori New 12-2 017














Then, I pulled out another basket and showed her how to move each bell from one place to another. First, she wanted to see how many bells she could fit into her little hand!  -- only 2!

Cori New 12-2 021


Cori New 12-2 026


Cori New 12-2 030


Cori New 12-2 027


After all that excitement, she was pooped!

Cori New 12-2 036


The next day, we got those bells out again. This time I added a string onto a few of them so she could pull them around. It was a hit! (On a side note – notice the change in weather from one day to the next here in Florida!)

Cori New 12-2 044


Cori New 12-2 046


After much examination, she decided a taste test was in order! :)

Cori New 12-2 053

Cori New 12-2 056














On our final day with the jingle bells, I added a few snack cups. She practiced putting a bell in each one. We also practiced putting them inside a toilet paper roll.

Cori New 12-2 094


Cori New 12-2 096

Cori New 12-2 097














We sure did have a grand ‘ole time in Tiny Tot School this week! Until next time! …


Carrie said...

Cori is rockin' those bells, Danielle!

Stephanie said...

Way to go Danielle! I definately want to give that a try with Willie! You are such a great Teacher!